Celebrities are usually surrounded by paparazzi, which makes it kind of difficult for them to roam around or do simple things such as shopping or buying a burger like any other ordinary person. This is the price they have to pay for being so famous – they end up with no personal life. Even with that, there are some celebrities who know how to have some fun by taking matters in their own hands. By that we mean getting into clever disguises, probably to get a taste of the reality or to get a kick out of it.

So next time, if you are in public and think something is fishy, you unknowingly might have been a part of a celebrity undercover plan or you must be losing your marbles. Either way, be alert! And of course, scroll down to find out about these celebrity disguises.

Sonu Nigam: The roadside ustaad

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The terminator is back

Justin Bieber: Here comes the security

Ranveer Singh: The superhero dare

Usher: The man of gold

Miley Cyrus: Janet, the Australian reporter

Kardashians: Fans on a Hollywood tour

Aamir Khan: Finding Dada a.k.a Sourav Ganguly

Cristiano Ronaldo: Street footballer showing off his skills

Gordan Ramsey: In search of the best cooking course