The internet is a crazy place. Just hours after singer Rihanna was spotted in a Yellow dress at the MET Gala, peeps on the internet reacted in hilarious ways. Some compared it to an omelette, some made a pizza out of it, while others created memes and they’re still at it. Rihanna is the latest entrant in a long list of celebrities who take innovation to a whole new level with the choice of their outfits at mega events.

On that note, let’s take a look at some of the celebrities whose outfits created a stir on the internet for all the possible

1. Rihanna
Rihanna1 (1)
It took a Chinese woman two years to craft Rihanna’s yellow gown that was ridiculed on the internet minutes after she appeared on the red carpet. Rihanna wore a big fur-trimmed yellow cape that became the centre of attraction at the MET annual fundraising event. Big Bird, pizza, omelette, Spongebob…. and the list goes on. And this was not a one-off case. Known for her raunchy yet barely there outfits, Rihanna once came to an event dressed as a staircase!

2. Jennifer Lopez
JLo turned up in a beautiful white gown for American Idol and performed the song “Feel the light” from the movie Home. It was no ordinary dress though. The gown had a huge skirt that spread out into a big, wide circle and seemed perfect for the night. The white proved to be just the right backdrop to showcase the shooting stars and the galaxy. Fans of the singer went crazy over the dress across social media. JLo looked incredible, by the way!

3. Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
No list is complete without the mention of our very own Lady Gaga when it comes to bizarre outfits. The singer is famous for her outrageous dresses whenever she steps out in the public. Almost every outfit that Lady Gaga dons becomes a topic of discussion over the internet. Who can forget the controversial meat dress that Gaga wore at the 2010 MTV Music Awards? We’re not sure if it was the right way to make a statement, but we gotta give it to her for the stir it created. The dress has a Wikipedia page. Beat that!

4. Nicky Minaj
Nicky Minaj
The rapper’s 2012 Grammy outfit received a lot of flak and was a complete fashion disaster. The dress was a red robe by Versace inspired by the Vatican. This wasn’t the first time Minaj made headlines. She once turned up at the Grammys in a leopard-print costume and errr, a huge matching wig!

5. Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles
Pop star Beyonce Knowles gets it right most of the time when it comes to fashion and clothing. Yet, there have been times when the singer completely lost the plot. Her robotic ensemble at the 2007 BET Awards is one such example. Dressed in a Robocop outfit, Bey still managed to turn heads, though!

The list is never-ending as celebs continue to experiment with fashion more and more. Some will be trendsetters, while the rest may end up as a case of serious faux pas. What’s the weirdest outfit you’ve seen on a celebrity? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!