Kangana Ranaut’s second name is certainly ‘controversy’. The actress has been known to speak her mind without a thought. One thing’s for sure, Kangana is not afraid of making controversial statements. In more recent times, here are some of the things Kangana has been ranting about.

All things nepotism!

Soon after Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise, Kangana reignited the ‘insider vs outsider’ debate on Twitter. Previously, she has raised her voice against nepotism and the unfair treatment ‘nepokids’ get in the industry. SSR’s death was the perfect opportunity to bring back this debate, whose consequences were borne by Mahesh Bhatt‘s recent film Sadak 2 starring Alia Bhatt. This film is currently the most disliked film on IMDB and it also has the most disliked trailer on YouTube.

Movie mafia!

Kangana has harped about the existence of a ‘Bollywood movie mafia’ to everyone she can. According to the actress, this mafia controls the industry and all its newcomers.

She’s not the one on drugs!

The investigation in the SSR case has thrown light on the use of drugs within the industry. While it’s no surprise, the fact that it’s now in the open is certainly hyping it up. Kangana has demanded that actors now take a drug test so that they can be inspiring role models.

Mumbai is PoK?

Kangana has been opening criticizing the Maharashtra government as well as the Mumbai Police over the handling of the Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. However, things took a very nasty political turn when the actress compared Mumbai to being like Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The actress has been getting immense backlash for her comment from political parties as well as Mumbaikars.

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