What's the best thing about summers? The vacations, obviously! While you and I may be struggling to find the time and the moolah to invest in a decent holiday, our favorite stars are obviously in a different place. They just have to pick the place and worry about nothing else. J, much? They have certain favorite destinations of their own where they fly off to whenever they feel like. While most swear by Goa in India, there are those who love to fly to cooler destinations and beat the heat, quite literally. 

Check out these destinations that are your favorite celeb's chosen spots to unwind 
Kareena Kapoor: Switzerland
Kareena is a Gstaad loyalist! She finds solace in the Swiss Alps. It's a snow-capped sanctuary away from reality; who wouldn't love it? 
This couple prefers the cosmopolitan New York to live it up and also to spend quality time with each other. 
London is King Khan's favorite city. And we are guessing more so since son Aryan is studying there. The family goes to London often and even has an apartment in Central London worth £20 million.  
Salman Khan: Dubai
Bhai's favorite party place is Dubai. Just a couple of hours away, it is Salman's preferred destination for a quick getaway. He was also house-hunting in the city a while back. We wonder if he found any interesting real estate to invest in. 
Katrina Kaif: London
Katrina was based out of London before she forayed into Bollywood. The actress flies back whenever possible to spend time with family and friends back home. 

So, where are you flying to this time?