Jaideep Ahlawat has been buzzing in entertainment circuits ever since his recent TV series Paatal Lok released online. One of the finest web series made in India, its lead character has been showered with praise for his brilliant performance. Jaideep has recently caught the eye of filmmakers and it’s a treat to see him in many prominent movies and web series. After so many years in the industry, the actor is finally getting his due, which only goes on to prove the struggle of actors with real talent over star kids with privilege. So if you support actors like Jaideep Ahlawat or simply enjoy watching him on screen, here are a few movies that you must watch.

Khatta Meetha

One of his earliest roles, Jaideep played an evil politician in this satirical comedy-drama, where he’s responsible for corruption, murder, and even rape. A stark contrast to his role in Paatal Lok, the actor nails his performance and is very convincing in his part.

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Gangs of Wasseypur

Few remember Jaideep’s role in this crime series, where he appeared in the first part. Here, he played Shahid Khan, the patriarch of the Khan family, who impersonates Sultana Qureshi to rob British ferry trains, starting a war between the Qureshis and the Khans.

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Commando: A One Man Army

Jaideep also played the villain in this action thriller, wherein he uses his henchmen to pursue the lead duo who are on the run. Named Amrit Kanwal (AK-74), his character was the typical bad guy who wanted the heroine for his own gains and was defeated in the final face-off with the hero.

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Khalid Mir was Jaideep Ahlawat’s breakthrough role that put him in the gaze of every filmmaker to work with him thereon. In this movie, he played a prominent part as Sehmat’s (Alia Bhatt) trainer, who prepares her for the role of a spy. The movie itself deserves a watch for its sheer brilliance.

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Lust Stories

One of Jaideep’s most prominent non-thriller roles comes in this anthology film, where he played a part in Dibaker Banerjee’s story. As Sudhir, he was the panic-stricken guy who had an affair with his close friend’s wife and was guilty about it even though he loved her.

Streaming on: Netflix

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