5 Superheroes Ryan Reynolds Can Play

Out of all the things that Canada has given us, Ryan Reynolds (and the other Ryan) are the most precious. Ryan Reynolds made his debut in the Nickelodeon TV series Hillside, which was aired as 'Fifteen' in USA. Married to Blake Lively, he is living the perfect life. He gets to play his favorite superhero on screen and he is loved by the fans. No one but him would have been ideal for the role of Deadpool. His off-screen persona is similar to Deadpool when it comes to his sense of humor and it is very evident from all his Twitter chats. However, the two-time superhero has refused to portray another superhero role. If he does change his mind in future, he can try any of the following roles.

Green Arrow
The suit will definitely not be CGI but it will be green, though. No one else but Ryan is capable of handling the light-hearted one-liner spouting comic book version of this superhero. 

Wonder Man
The foe-turned-friend of the Avengers, who is another example of an anti-hero, was revived later with the help of his brain patterns and some Stark technology. He is yet another anti-hero Ryan could play effortlessly.

635980426279651832-xxx-xxx-deadpool-80066258-compressedBlack Knight
Not to be confused with The Dark Knight, this Marvel hero knows his way around a sword and so does Ryan Reynolds, as we saw in the X-Men version we should not talk about (see what we did there).

Fans of the The Ultimate Spider-Man animated series know Nova as this cool guy who is also in league with the Guardians of the Galaxy. It would be a dream-come-true to see Ryan and Chris Pratt on one screen.

This God-like superhero would do well on the big screen when the actor behind him is Ryan. There is no reason for it other than the fact that he is Ryan Reynolds. (only some will get the reference here).

maxresdefault-2We wish this unicorn-loving superhero/superstar a very happy birthday and we can't wait to watch the next installment of Deadpool.