5 Times Mahesh Babu Seduced His Fans With His Talent

An all-rounder who has the style, substance, looks and a bundle of talent are what makes Mahesh Babu a Superstar of Telugu cinema. He has a rare virtue of being the only hero who never opted for a remake. Of all his 26 movies till date, there was never a remake and only one movie of his, Yuvaraju, is loosely based on a Hindi movie. He believes in originality and had a super success rate where most of his movies are remade in other languages. He started his career at a very young age and acted in many movies alongside his father until his teenage. It was in 1991 that he made his re-entry as a leading hero and there was no looking back. Let us take a look into Mahesh Babu’s 5 memorable movie moments as a leading hero.


This is the movie that changed the image of Superstar. Of the many highlights in this movie, the best one is the scene where Mahesh Babu saves Bhumika from Prakash Raj’s gang. I still vividly remember the audience going bonkers when Mahesh puts a knife at Bhumika’s neck and saves her the villain gang.

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This movie is undoubtedly one of the best in Superstar’s career. The major takeaway from this movie is the scenes involving Mahesh Babu and Trisha. Every scene between them rose to the occasion and the proposal scene that comes towards the climax is the best.

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Every scene involving Mahesh is an epic in this Industry hit, Pokiri. Off all the super scenes, the one where Mahesh is introduced as an IPS Officer during the climax is an epic. The background score that comes while we see Mahesh for the first time in police uniform where Nassar reveals to Prakash Raj that Mahesh is his son is the best twist we see in this movie.

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1 Nenokkadine

If not for the slight confusing screenplay, the movie would have done wonders is what critics and fans had to say after watching 1 Nenokkadine. Though the movie did not run as expected, there are few moments that are considered to be Mahesh Babu’s best. If one is the interval episode with the villain at the restroom, the best of all scenes is Mahesh Babu’s act during the climax where he realizes who his parents are. The emotions he captured while opening the diary and seeing at his parent’s photos is the finest example of how good this actor is.

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Though the movie could not meet the expectations, there was one scene that comes right before the interval where we get to see Mahesh Babu’s reaction after his father expired. Not knowing what to do, he runs down the stairs to and fro and could not tell his mom what occurred at that moment. This is a classic scene where Mahesh Babu exploits his versatility in acting.

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Mahesh Babu is all set to enthral his fans and audience with the upcoming movie Sarkaru Vari Paata. The first look is already trending on social media and the title has blockbuster written all over it.

Directed by Parasuram of the Geetha Govindham fame, the shoot is likely to commence once the lockdown is lifted and the movie is likely to be released early next year. PS Vinod is handling the camera and Thaman is rendering music for this 27th flick of the superstar. Stay tuned for more details on the rest of the cast and other information related to the movie.

Ajay Mudunuri: Tollywood fanatic, writer, critic.