7 Times the Odds Were Against Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma. The name was once enough to bring a smile on our faces. But it seems to us that things aren't exactly the same anymore. The actor/comedian who has been entertaining us for over a decade now,  who once had the nation eating out of his hand seems to have become the new king of controversies. Currently trending for his ugly spat with Sunil Grover, it's not the first time Kapil Sharma has invited trouble or is in the bad light. Let's go a little back in time and look at instances when this man and his show was in the news for all the wrong reasons.

When he refused to air Ajaz Khan's episode
There was this time Ajaz Khan was called as a guest on Comedy Nights With Kapil but since Ajaz decided to not go with the script, the episode was never aired. Furious Ajaz chose the media as a channel to vent and express his anger since Kapil was not responding to his calls, messages or tweets.
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When he was at war with the channel
Kapil may have been the winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge but it was not until Comedy Nights with Kapil on Colors that he gained popularity. After the success of the show, Kapil demanded a huge raise and when the channel refused, CNWK ended.
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When he tweeted about Modi
Kapil had to face the wrath of many people when he tweeted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying, “Yeh hain aapke achhe din?" after he was asked for a bribe of INR 5 lakh by the BMC officials to build an office.
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Sometimes it wasn't even his fault
Much before any of the above, the entire set of CNWK caught fire and was burnt to ashes, and that was the first problem that came his way. While many said it was a conspiracy, it was later cleared that a short circuit caused the fire.
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When the joke went wrong
A few nurses from Amritsar took offence to the way their profession was portrayed on The Kapil Sharma Show and filed a case against Kapil. They even protested against him.
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When he misbehaved
Kapil, during the International Marathi Film Festival Awards 2015, was accused of misbehaving with his female co-stars Tanishaa Mukerji and Monali Thakur. He never commented on the matter but later put up a tweet to apologize for his mistake. 
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And then, walking out on Salman Khan also happened
In 2014, during the inauguration of Celebrity Cricket League, Kapil left Salman Khan and Sohail Khan extremely angry with his behavior as he threw tantrums at the producer and decided to walk out last minute.
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Clearly, not everything about Kapil Sharma is a matter to be laughed and joked about. You now know better. What are your thoughts on the current issue? Let us know in the comments below.