Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic demise has shaken the film industry to its core. Messages poured out in support of the young actor and his death once again highlighted the issues of nepotism and mental distress in Bollywood. There has been a lot of toxicity on social media in the last few days and we’re fairly sure that this is not how SSR would like to be remembered. So let’s honor the great legacy of the actor by adopting these simple and positive practices.

Watch more independent films

A number of struggling actors get their start in independent films that are not backed by a mighty production house. India has produced many good independent films over the years across various languages and you’re truly missing out on great cinema if you haven’t watched them. The boom of streaming services has now made these movies even more accessible. Click on the image below for some underrated gems.

Reject bad films without calling for a ban

There is no place for a ban in a democracy. But as an audience, you have the power to reject movies that spread negativity through homophobia, misogyny, or racial and communal stereotypes. When these movies do not perform well, filmmakers will be forced to work on good content that both educates society and entertains us.

Do not watch a movie just for its star cast

Filmmakers choose to cast mainstream actors because the box office has time and again proven that a star cast is favorable to the film’s success. As an audience, you have the power to change these statistics. Support filmmakers and actors who do not have a solid backing in the industry by watching their movies and promoting their talent.

Loved a movie? Leave a good word!

A number of independent or non-starry films find their success through ‘word-of-mouth’ reviews. If you liked a film or enjoyed a performance, you can always share your thoughts or spread the word among other filmy fans so that more people can watch that film and turn it into a blockbuster. Check out what people thought about Sushant Singh Rajput’s Chhichhore below.

Use the power of social media to spread positivity

Social media has brought us closer to people than ever. You can use your own social handles to reach out to filmmakers and actors, telling them how much you enjoyed their movies or performances. Chances are that they might respond to your love with their gratitude. Spread love and avoid hate.

Stop trolling celebrities online

Just because you do not like a particular celebrity does not give you a reason to troll them on social media. It’s unwarranted and mean-spirited. Call out influential people if they did something wrong, but do not engage in mindless hating that spreads negativity.

Do not get influenced by media gimmicks

Understand the role of media in influencing your decisions. If you see social media handles spreading negativity about certain actors or filmmakers or mocking their backgrounds, unfollow them immediately. Do not fall for fake propaganda created by the media to discredit a person.

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This has to be said . My best friend is no more , I still have a bloody hard time accepting that and whenever I check social media to check up on news on him, I read fiction and instead of finding people online , i see peddlers . Peddlers pushing their agendas to promote themselves and their causes . Every single person who wants their two bit fame has an opinion on his life . Firstly, he didn’t give a fuck about fame or your opinions. He didn’t care about these people who are busy posting about not being in touch with him. For the record, he didn’t care about being in touch. He hated fake friends, phone calls and small talk. He rejected your parties, you didn’t shun him. He rejected your lobbies . He didnt need camps, he had his own kingdom. He was a fighter . He made his own place in the sun. He was an outsider and he never cared about being a insider . That’s because he had a life beyond films. The industry was a small part of his life , he had many worlds beyond that . He didn’t give a shit about success . He never failed . He has given more super hits than any of his other contemporaries . He just didn’t care about the 100 crore club. He didn’t want to belong to any club or be part of the rat race . He didn’t care about awards . He walked out of an award function just cos he got bored . This was even before they announced his best actor award . You had to be a lot more interesting than a bloody trophy to hold his attention. He was a force of nature. His accomplishments are multifold. He was as simple as quantum physics . He was a crazy genius. He read Sartre and Nietzsche , he studied astronomy and stoicism , he wrote poetry , played the guitar , wrote with his left and right hand. He cared about saving the planet , the world , about going to Mars, he invested in charities , in science projects and innovations that were beyond your comprehension . So please don’t try to make sense of him or reduce his talent to serve your mere agenda .

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Following these simple steps can go a long way in ensuring that we never see any more tragic deaths in the film industry. Let’s make Bollywood a center of talent again. It’s the least we can do to honor Sushant Singh Rajput. RIP!