5 Complex Characters Only Mohanlal Could’ve Pulled Off

Mohanlal undoubtedly is one of the greatest actors Indian cinema has ever seen. His wit, charm, versatility and acting prowess have left the audience awestruck. With a career span of over 40 years, the complete actor has given us plenty of excellent movies and characters that are etched in the hearts of a true blue fan. We cannot imagine anyone else pulling off these intricate and nuanced characters.

Sethumadhavan – Kireedam

An ordinary, homely man with ordinary dreams – that’s who Sethumadhavan was. His love for his father ironically turns his life upside down. He becomes an outcast, loses his love and all his dreams get shattered. This might sound like something easy to pull off, but reflecting all the emotions on screen, with such pain that would even spread to the audience – that’s something only Mohanlal could do.

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Mangalassery Neelakandan – Devasuram

An arrogant feudal lord, a spoilt brat, a meanderer and a womaniser – everything about Mangalassery Neelakandan is unacceptable. Yet, his admirers are plenty. While he locks horns with his enemy, Mundakkal Sekharan gives him a different perspective. He tames down. Probably, Mangalassery Neelakandan is one character that broke the stereotype of a ‘hero’ – he can be grey too. The film Devasuram is a runaway hit and a must-watch if you want to experience the glory of an actor that Mohanlal is.

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Sathyanathan – Sadayam

When two adolescent girls close to him are forced into prostitution, Sathyanathan saves them from agony by killing them along with their clients. He believes he did the right thing and shows no remorse. But was he actually right? Well, all we could do is empathise with the characters, and be surprised by the plethora of emotions Mohanlal showcases on screen. The gruesome act is quite disturbing to watch, but the actor, makes us experience the brilliance of his skills. Sadayam’s Sathyan will always be one of the best performances of Mohanlal.

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Thomas Chacko AKA Aadu Thoma – Spadikam

When his own father denies him the freedom to fulfil his dreams to become a science wizard and puts him through a lot of suffering, Thomas Chacko runs away from home only to become a local goon, Aadu Thoma. He dares to lock horns with police and even the magistrate, quite fearless about the consequences. Essentially a family story, Spadikam is a great entertainer and you just cannot imagine someone else playing Aadu Thoma.

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Dr Sunny Joseph – Manichitrathazhu

Basically, the film is all about Ganga and Nagavalli extraordinarily played by Sobhana, but Mohanlal’s Dr Sunny Joseph stands apart as the character revamped the image of psychiatrists in Malayalam cinema. He is comical yet the character in depth is brilliant. Yet another highest-grossing film of Mohanlal with over 10 remakes, clearly, no one could portray the character more explicitly than the greatest actor himself.

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Of course, there are hundreds of other films that Mohanlal portrayed with much conviction and making this list was difficult but we did it for you. We simply cannot wait for his magnum opus Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham.

Devisree Jayakumari: Let's talk about Malayalam movies.