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This is what the Baywatch cast looks like now!

The popular 90's TV show Baywatch saw hot-bodied guys and girls running in slow motion rescuing helpless beachgoers from drowning and brutal shark attacks and was a massive success. It was even declared as the most-watched TV show by the Guinness Book of World Records at that time. The show lasted for 11 seasons and transformed formerly unknown actors into superstars known globally. But ever wondered where they are now? Do they still look as hot and sexy as before? 

Pamela Anderson

The hot babe from Baywatch made us all swoon as C. J. Parker in the hit show, without a doubt. The actress was a Playboy model and was also featured on other magazine covers before she was cast as the sexy lifeguard. Now, at the age of 49, the actress is an activist for animal rights, AIDS awareness, and even an advocate for the legalization of marijuana. She was a contestant on the reality show Dancing With The Stars. The actress looks stunning as ever, don't believe us? Check out her recent picture here:

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David Hasselhoff

The actor who became an international superstar as Mitch Buchannon, thanks to this show, stayed for the entire duration of the series and was also an executive producer. After the show stopped, the actor starred in a few movies and TV series. He was also a judge on America's Got Talent. The actor who struggled with substance abuse at one point in his life has also gotten a few plastic surgeries done to his face, which has tweaked his looks. 

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Yasmine Bleeth

The sexy brunette who played the character of Caroline Holden appeared in many magazine spreads throughout her time on the series (1994-1997). She, however, struggled with drug addiction and had to leave the show. Yasmine later made appearances in shows like Nashville Bridges and Titans. She took a break from the various shows and has since been reported to be trying to stay off drugs. Her attempt at staying clean has been a success so far but the actress now looks nothing like her Baywatch days.

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Alexandra Paul

Alexandra's stunning good looks led her to be cast as Lt. Stephanie Holden. The actress was a series regular from season three to season seven till her character was killed off. However, it was not the end for her character as Alexandra was called back to play a twin of her character in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. Since then, the actress has appeared in many movies and television shows. She is also involved in many local political activities and has been arrested multiple times for civil disobedience.

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Michael Newman

The only real-life lifeguard on Baywatch was Michael Newman. He first was hired as a consultant on the show but was soon hired as one of the cast members. He was a series regular and was even part of Baywatch: Hawaii. At the age of 60, the actor is now struggling with Parkinson's disease and lives with his family in California.

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David Chokachi

In 1950, David was considered to be one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world by People Magazine. As Cody Madison, the love interest of Pamela Anderson's characterDavid joined the show in 1995 and soon became a lead character. The actor who set his fair share of hearts on fire while on the show can find a few damsels in distress even today, who would be happy to see him. Married and a father of a little adorable daughter, David is still very much in shape and occasionally hits the wave with his daughter, Brit.

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Carmen Electra

As Lani McKenziie, Carmen Electra had a short-lived stint on the show. She went on to do many movies such as Starsky and Hutch, Scary Movie and a few TV series, which included being a judge on Britain's Got Talent. Carmen looks incredible even today.

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