Christian Bale is one of Hollywood’s top actors who has proven his acting skills many, many times. He has the ability to take on drastic physical transformations for a role and still deliver applause-worthy performances. It’s almost unbelievable that he only has one Oscar so far and that too for a supporting role. This just might change this year, but before that happens, let’s take a look at the best Christian Bale performances:

1. Vice – Dick Cheney

Vice is Bale’s latest film in which he plays Dick Cheney, who was the Vice President of America under George W. Bush’s presidency. The actor not only learned Cheney’s mannerisms but also put on 40 pounds, shaved his head, and bleached his eyebrows to look more like him. He has already won a Golden Globe for this role.

2. American Hustle – Irv Rosenfeld 

Chrisitan Bale played an aging conman in this film and although he doesn’t look anything like himself, he nails the role of Irv Rosenfeld. American Hustle was widely praised and nominated for ten Academy Awards, including a Best Actor nomination for Bale.

3. The Dark Knight Trilogy – Batman 

Many actors have played the role of Batman over the years, but few have achieved the excellence of Chrisitan Bale in this three-part series directed by Christopher Nolan. He muscled up for the role and gave a stunning performance of the multi-dimensional superhero.

4. American Psycho – Patrick Bateman 

Patrick Bateman is one of Christian Bale’s most iconic and certainly one of the creepiest performances. He perfectly demonstrates the character of a psychopath by showing how Bateman can be charming at times and gruesomely violent at others.

5. The Prestige – Alfred Borden

This film was Chrisitan Bale’s second collaboration with Nolan after Batman Begins. He has given some of his very best in the role of the magician Alfred Borden, which is certainly a contributor to the film’s lasting popularity.

6. The Machinist – Trevor Reznik

Christian Bale had lost 60 pounds to be at a shocking 121 pounds to play the role of an insomniac industrial worker. This was one of Bale’s most dramatic physical transformations for a film and soon after filming this, he had to bulk up to play the role of Batman.

7. The Fighter – Dicky Eklund

Co-starring alongside Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter was the film that got Chrisitan Bale an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He excellently played the role of a boxer with addiction issues. It wasn’t even a part that he was originally chosen to play, but after Matt Damon and Brad Pitt had scheduling conflicts, the role went to Bale, which gave him the chance to shine. 

You might soon be able to see Chrisitan Bale’s latest outstanding performance in Vice on the big screen. Stay tuned for updates on the film.