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Celebs With Their Cats

It’s Hug Your Cat Day! If you have a little furball at home who needs your attention, drop everything you have got and rush to give your cuddly pet a tight hug. Be warned: not all cats are friendly, and if yours does not enjoy human touch, a slight rub on the chin will do. If you do not have a cat, but plenty of love to give, do not fret. The strays in your vicinity need love, too. Adopt a stray today and become a caring, devoted parent for life. And some people would agree that cats are cuter, cuddlier, far more affordable (did I mention less annoying?) than babies. For now, take a look at some of your favorite celebs enjoying some ‘kitty love’.
Alia Bhatt with cats - BookMyShow
The Udta Punjab actress loves to post pictures of her cats Sheeba and Pika on Instagram.
Jacqueline Fernandez with her cat - BookMyShow
Jacqueline and her cat Miu Miu sleep on the same bed.
Shilpa Shetty with her cat - BookMyShow
The PETA activist has two Persian cats.
Sunny Leone with her cat - BookMyShow
If there’s someone Sunny loves more than her husband, it’s her kitten Alex.
Zarine Khan with cats - BookMyShow
Zarine has a soft spot for Persian cats, especially her favorite Softy (left).
Manisha Koirala
Manisha Koirala with cats - BookMyShow
The actress is very attached to her Persian cats.
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift with cats - BookMyShow
Named after her favorite TV characters, Olivia and Meredith follow Taylor wherever she goes.
Katy Perry
Katy Perry with her cat - BookMyShow
Katy’s little ray of sunshine, Kitty Purry, is adorably purr-fect!
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran with his cat - BookMyShow
Ed adopted little Graham to save him from being put down. What a cute pair they make!
Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder with cats - BookMyShow
The Vampire Diaries hottie is the proud daddy of three cats, who stay with him and wife Nikki in their Atlanta loft.