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What Fan Clubs Of Famous Indian Celebs Should Be Called

We’ve heard of or probably even know some of the Beliebers, Directioners or Swifties. Fans across the world are crazy about their favorite celebs and have come together to form religiously obsessive fan clubs. One negative comment about their stars and these fan clubs will let hell break loose. In India, we take our obsession with celebrities to the next level. From mercilessly stalking them to building temples in their honor (case in point: Rajnikanth), many fans have stood by their stars through thick and thin. It’s a shame then that these die-hard fans do not have quirky names for their fan clubs, or are simply called "Salman Khan fans". But we are here to help! Here’s what we think fandoms of Bollywood celebrities should be called:  
Salman Khan – Bhailevers
Bhailevers - BookMyShow
Move over Beliebers, the Bhailevers are here…and they are bigger, tougher and crazier! Bhai pe bharosa bhi hai, himmat bhi hai aur taqat bhi…aur pagalpan hadh se zyada. The fan obsession over Salman Khan has increased in the past few years. No temple has been built for him, yet, but his home is considered as a temple for his fans, who spend hours outside, hoping for a glimpse of Bhai.
Alia Bhatt – Bhatties
Bhatties - BookMyShow
It has been long since the little bumblebee left her father’s nest and established herself as a successful actress in the film fraternity. Naturally, Alia has quite the fan following, especially online. The actress herself is quite active on social media, and is quick to shut down any hater coming her way.
Ajay Devgn – Gnners
Gunners - BookMyShow
There are new Gnners in town! And they are not Arsenal fans, but followers of a mightier cult called Singham. Ajay Devgn’s fanbase has increased since his 2011 release, for his intense acting and action-packed stunts. Fans love him, and regularly visit the actor on his sets. After all, jisme hai dum, to fakt Bajirao Singham.
Deepika Padukone – Pikachus
Pikachus - BookMyShow
The actress made her debut with the King of Bollywood, so it was anybody’s guess that she had a bright future ahead. Deepika is today the most popular Indian actress, and is even making her international debut soon. Her male fans love her and her female fans want to be like her. Like Pikachus that can discharge electric sparks, Deepika herself can turn on the heat with her sexiness.
Priyanka Chopra – Piggy Chops
Piggy Chops - BookMyShow
True, this was Priyanka’s nickname for the longest time, but now she’s known as PeeCee, and the name has stuck. But we can’t think of a better name for the fans of the Quantico star.
Tiger Shroff – Tigers & Tigresses
Tigers and Tigresses - BookMyShow
One movie down, and Junior Shroff is already a big Bollywood star. His next release has garnered much attention, mainly due to the actor’s fabulous physique and daring stunts, making him nothing short of a real tiger. His male fanbase, that aspires to be like him, should naturally be called the Tigers and the ladies who go gaga over him can be his Tigresses.
Baba Sehgal – Baba’s Babies
Baba's Babies - BookMyShow
No longer is he simply the Thanda Thanda Paani and Manjula singer, but Baba Sehgal is now known for his hilariously nonsensical music videos with crazy lyrics. He has over 45k followers on Twitter, who are in awe of his new music and funny tweets. They are truly Baba’s Babies.
Rakhi Sawant – Sawantities
Sawantities - BookMyShow
Sounds like a disease, doesn’t it? That’s what you get from ardently following hers truly. Besides the shrinkage of your brain from trying to understand the logic behind her statements, your sides will split laughing at her jaw-dropping acts. Beware of Sawantities!
KRK - BookMyShow
What else would the one and only fan of KRK be called?