He started off the year with a flop ‘Tevar’ and then got in to a controversy for being a part of a roast show.

We ask our in-house and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi to predict what lies ahead for Arjun Kapoor on the eve of his 30th birthday.

“Arjun was born on 26th June 1985 which makes him a Number 8 (Saturn) person in numerology. His sun sign is a Cancer (ruler Moon and Ketu – Numbers 2 and 7) and his destiny number adds up to Number 1 (Sun)” explains Bhavikk.

“Arjun will now enter in his 31st year which indicates a cautionary phase ahead of him – personally, professionally and financially too” predicts Bhavikk on a serious note.

“With no release on hand, he will be pretty much shooting for his upcoming projects which mainly includes director R.Balki’s next opposite Kareena Kapoor” he adds.

“Talking about his personal life, it is best advised to lie low for some time as it will only create much confusion in his life” he adds further.

“On the financial front too, he is likely to make a few bad investments and so should be very careful with money matters. Any unnecessary and frivolous expenses must be avoided” warns Bhavikk.

“Wearing a Ruby on his ring finger to be set in gold will help him from not getting in to misunderstandings with people who matter and also maintain cordial relations with others” advices Bhavikk on a signing off note.