A bundle of talent, he hasn’t been going through a good time in his career since quite some time now.

We ask our in house expert and ace astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi what’s in store for Govinda on the eve of his 49th birthday: 
“Govinda was born on 21st December 1963 which makes him a Number 3 (Jupiter) person in numerology. His sun sign is Sagittarius (ruler Jupiter – Number 3 again) and his ‘destiny’ number adds up to Number 7 (Ketu). Since he is ruled by Number 7, he is automatically ruled by Number 2 (Moon). He also has a slight cusp of the zodiac Capricorn and hence he is partially ruled by Number 8 (Saturn) as well” explains Bhavikk.

“Being a Number 3, Govinda is ruled by one of the most powerful planets Jupiter, which is the creator of wealth. Being a Sagittarian, he is doubly ruled by this number. Govinda is born to be rich and have a luxurious life. Money should never be a problem for him ever in life and even if the situation worsens, then still he will come out of it pretty soon. Being ruled by Number 7 indicates ‘negativity’ in his chart which means he is attracting a lot of unnecessary attention leading to various problems. His work might get delayed and things may not work out in life exactly the way he had planned for most of the times”.

“I have already told him to wear a Cat’s eye above 4 carats on his smallest finger on a Thursday night to negate this effect. Hope he follows it soon. Also, the slight cusp of Saturn would give him everything in life after a fair share of struggle and nothing on the platter readymade” he explains further.

“Govinda will be now be entering his 50th year which indicates a period of mental assessment and analyzing where his career is going wrong. He may also have to face some financial issues as well” predicts Bhavikk.

“His long in the making films like ‘Deewana Main Deewana’, ‘Run Bhola Run’ etc. may finally get to see the light of the day but will sank without a trace” ends Bhavikk on a somber note.

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