Hollywood’s Phoenix Rises at 42

Happy birthday to the enigmatic bird of Hollywood – Joaquin Phoenix, who turns 42 today. The third of five children (Rain, River, Liberty, Summer), he is the one who perhaps has the most usual name of the lot. Although, he was named 'Leaf' for a short while in his teens. Right from his late childhood, the actor has been a strict vegan and even refuses to wear leather for any role. He didn't even wear shoes for a Prada shoot since they were made out of leather.


Did you know that he's been working since the 80s? His first onscreen role was in the TV show 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' in 1982. While his first major appearance was in The Gladiator (2000), he has starred in many films since then, being praised for his performances in Her (2013), Walk The Line (2005), Two Lovers (2008), The Master (2012) and others.


Doesn't he look like an American Nawazuddin Siddiqui? What a fine actor too. As an actor, not only has he been nominated for three Oscars but has also directed music videos for She Wants Revenge and Silversun Pickups' among others. He once had a terrible accident on a windy Hollywood road, flipping his car in the process. Thankfully, the German film director Werner Herzog witnessed it and pulled him out of the wreckage. It's a miracle he survived, truly rising like a phoenix from the ashes. That scar on his lips you see? No, it wasn't from the accident or because of a surgery, but is, instead, his birthmark.