How Fahadh Faasil Expertly Made Us Hate Shammi

Kumbalangi Nights, without any doubt, is one of the most spectacular films in recent times. Among various other reasons one thing that caught our attention is the passive-aggressive Shammi played by the most astounding actor of our time, Fahadh Faasil. We love him and his willingness to do the negative tinted, not so prominent role in the film. He made Shammi a memorable antagonist and gave us someone to hate. Though he sure has done many other negative roles, this one stands out. Unlike the usual ‘villains’, Shammi with his well-trimmed moustache and attire looks like a hero. (remember, he says ‘Shammi hero aada hero’). And despite that, Fahadh Faasil made sure Shammi got on our nerves…that’s some enviable talent.

He portrayed the perfect sexist we love to hate

Simi, Babymol and their mother – three women in the household were quite capable, content and living their life without hassles even before Shammi entered their lives. But, Shammi slowly takes up their space and start dominating them – he passively is trying to convey that a household is incomplete without a man, and just like Raymonds, he is the complete man who the three ‘helpless’ women need.

Faasil’s Shammi is perfectly sarcastic and menacing

Bobby might be jobless and poor, but that does not allow anyone to disrespect him. Thanks to Babymol, he realises his worth, but Shammi, on the pretext of being the only man in the family, bullies Bobby and Saji with his sarcasm. He is extremely proud of his job as a barber, there is nothing wrong in that, but belittling someone for their family background, occupation so on and so forth is not acceptable.

A subtle and nuanced portrayal of mental health issues

Directly or otherwise, the makers give us hints about Shammi’s mental health. He eats from a particular plate and is quite certain about cleanliness, hinting at OCD. However, none of his mental health issues seems to have addressed; Simi and family are quite oblivious to it as well. The only thing that bites you is the possible reference that Shammi is the way he is because of his mental health. Fahadh Faasil got the tics and the nuanced just right giving us a peek into a disturbed man’s mind.

While we have loved him in every film we’ve seen, we can’t get enough of this talented actor. We wish him a wonderful year ahead.

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