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10 Reasons that Prove, Phoebe Buffay Has a Heart of Gold!

Loosen up a little; do what you like; be who you are; bring out the good things in you; and enjoy every bit of life, un-apologetically. These are the things that Phoebe Buffay from Friends lives by. She is someone who never lost hope, and kept that child in her alive, even after going through a lot of dark stuff during her childhood. Phoebe is a role model that we need, who reminds us to live a little and to be kind, not just to people but to every living creature. And today, on Lisa Kudrow’s birthday, let’s do a recap of all the kindest moments of Phoebe Buffay that prove she has a heart of gold! And we bet you will not just feel a little fuzzy inside but will also be thoroughly entertained. Read on.

Her love towards neglected cats that gave us the catchy song, “Smelly Cat”.

When she gave us the epic “Lobster Theory”.

Knows how to stop a cat fight and resolve tiffs – bit of a toughie.

When she felt sad for the woman who dubbed her “Smelly Cat” song.

Loves dogs and loves to babysit them for friends.

When she goes out of her way to help her brother. Here come the triplets…

Hates smoking and knows how to break a hard habit.

When she planned to drink all the alcohol to stop kids from drinking!

Learning to play and hold the guitar could never have been so amusing without her.

The best French tutor you can get.

A strong Animal Rights supporter. Became a vegetarian.

Believes in charity.

Her love towards rat babies.

When she brought two lovers together.

We hope this post got you all nostalgic. Happy Birthday, Lisa Kudrow! May you always rock!