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10 TV Characters That We Hated and Then Loved

When you begin watching a new TV show and are introduced to its characters for the very first time, you immediately decide the characters you like and do not. And then there are those that fall in the gray area that makes it hard for you to decide if you should love or hate them. These are the characters that either amuse you with their antics or make you hate them because of their annoying or scheming ways. But, as the season(s) progress, you see a change in them and begin to fall for them or get used to their ways and attached to their character. Then, it’s almost like you cannot imagine the show without them anymore.

We bring you a list of 10 TV characters that we were undecided about or hated them earlier but now, have grown to love them.

Andy Bernard from The Office
He started off as an office doofus with an anger management problem. As the show progressed, he magically transformed into a goofball that we absolutely loved.

Dwight Schrute from The Office
He is the boss’ pet – that power hungry, extremely odd and gullible guy, who we loved watching get picked on by his colleagues. We all knew that he had it coming. All those pranks and Dwight's outrageous reactions made this show a treat.

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl
Here’s the absolute womanizer that every mother warned their daughters about. He gradually transformed from being a player into a committed man. Chuck and Blair, totally added that sweet and spicy punch to the show.

Eric Northman from True Blood
He killed us with his first look, but because of his plotting and scheming ways, the spell was broken. And when Sookie and Eric become an item on the show, he put that spell on us once again.

Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones
You can’t really decide if you should love him or hate him. Every time he does something nice on the show, you end up forgiving him for all the evil things he has done. Sigh!

Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad
We hated him because he is just a bad role model – dropped out of school, tricked people, into drugs, now, cooks and sells drugs, and so on. But, his bond with Walter White and the intriguing plot of the show made him irreplaceable.

Johnny Drama from Entourage
We always thought of him as an unnecessary character that tagged along wherever the squad went. Then, his randomness and crazy ideas caught our attention and made us like him.

Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory
Penny, Penny, Penny…from this annoying door knock to an overdose of his obsessive-compulsive personality; all the things that can drive one insane in real life made us laugh out loud when we watch it on television and fall in love with Sheldon.

Tara Thornton from True Blood
Loud, arrogant, and indecisive – all the things about her annoyed us at first but her badass attitude gives us some hope.

Tiffany Doggett from Orange Is The New Black
A tough cookie who got too irritating at the beginning, but we soon saw her side of the story and started warming up to her a bit.

On television, all their antics had amused us, but in reality, would you feel the same if your life was filled with such characters? Comment below to let us know!