10 TV Series To Evoke Feeling Of Perfect Nostalgia

Television is indeed an incredible invention and we have come a long way from the initial times of black and white television and the only one channel (Doordarshan) days. How exhilarated the people would have been then to see moving people on screen is something we can never measure. In all these years, we have come across a cacophony of constant nonsense clutter, but some have become part of our growing up years and are hard to be forgotten. Today, on World Television Day, let us go back in time and get nostalgic remembering some of the best content Indian television has seen.
Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan (1972)
phool-compressedMany of us won't remember this piece of gem but the older lot will recollect beautiful memories of those unadulterated, informal but interesting conversations in this talk show. The first of its kind, it ought to get stamped in the pages of the history of Indian television.  

Malgudi Days (1987) 
malgudi daysThis one spells pure nostalgia. The timeless characters, the humble settings, the soothing music, simple yet extraordinary stories, all these elements make Malgudi Days the cult TV show it has become now.  

Fauji (1988) 
fauji-compressedThe name sounds familiar? If you are a King Khan fan, you might have searched for all those old videos, CDs or anything that you can get your hands on. This series gave an inside look into the lives of commandos undergoing training in the army. For anybody who isn't familiar, Google Shah Rukh Khan and Lt. Abhimanyu Rai. You're welcome.

Sea Hawks (1997) 
seahawksThe first English TV series, Sea Hawks' cast boasted of some really good-looking faces like Milind Soman, Simone Singh as well as talented actors like Om Puri and Anup Soni. Sophisticated underwater sequences, action scenes and a very realistic view of the underworld were the show's key features. We would really love a remake of this in contemporary times.  

Dekh Bhai Dekh (1993) 
dekh bhai dekhWho can forget the urbane, witty Shekhar Suman or the hilariously funny and forgetful Naveen Nischol though it had other big names also like Farida Jalal, Sushma Seth and Bhavana Balsavar also playing memorable roles.  

Mulla Nasiruddin 
mullaWe all have enjoyed stories about the adventures and eccentric wit of Naseruddin who was always found with his faithful donkey Fidhu in all sorts of amusing, funny circumstances.  

Banegi Apni Baat(1993) 
banegi apni baatBanegi Apni Baat gave us Irrfan Khan in the role of a not-so-ideal father and it is little surprise he was one of the most striking characters in the series. Teenagers loved the series for its realistic depiction of their lives and relatable content. Flirtation, romance, fights, jealousy, hidden jokes on teachers; every aspect of a youngster's life was beautifully shown. 

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (2004) 
sarabhai vs sarabhaiOne of the best comedy shows of all times on TV, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai gave us characters still fresh in our minds. Maya Sarabhai's overtly suave outlook, Monisha's embarrassing middle-class values, the cute yet annoying poet Rosesh, the hilarious but ideal father-in-law Indravadan and finally the only normal person in the family, Sahil; the Sarabhai family will just make you roar with laughter. 

Hum Paanch (1995) 
Hum paanch-compressedThis is one series whose remake will not only nudge wonderful memories but also be a fresh breath of air amidst the current television content. Who would have thought the nerdy, geeky Radhika would become one of the finest actors in the industry one day (Think Vidya Balan)?   

Khichdi (2002) 
khichdi-compressedYou can't but be impressed by the idiosyncrasies evident in each and every character of Khichdi. Praful and Hansa were the cutest in spite of being annoyingly dumb characters whose eccentric behaviour was one of the highlights of the series. A typical Gujarati family with the most atypical family members is what Khichdi offered.  


–Gladis Monteiro