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12 Guys Model Kendall Jenner Has Been Linked With

Kendall Jenner is in the news again! Once more, the media has linked her to yet another celebrity that the model may or may not be dating. The shy Jenner has never confirmed any of her past link-ups with the famous men of Hollywood, music or sports. In fact, every time the 20-year-old is linked to someone she was spotted getting ‘cozy’ with, or simply hanging out with, she barely has had the time to respond to the rumors before she’s linked with someone else. Over the last few years, the famous sister of the Kardashians is rumored to have dated over 15 men, the most famous of which have been mentioned below.


Justin Bieber

Kendall Jenner with Justen Bieber - BookMyShow

The model and the singer have been good friends since many years and were also rumored to be dating when their Instagram posts had many cozy photos of the two of them. However, the model denied dating her close friend Selena Gomez’s ex while he has been linked with Hailey Baldwin since.


Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner with Harry Styles - BookMyShow

Rumors of the model dating the One Direction hunk began to fly when they were spotted holidaying on a yacht in St. Barts. Photos also emerged of the couple kissing. Since the vacation, Styles has been linked to an air hostess, who the media claims is the cause of their split.


Zayn Malik

Kendall Jenner with Zayn Malik - BookMyShow

Jenner has been linked with more than one member of the boy band One Direction. At sister Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party, it was rumored that Zayn Malik had been flirting with the model. But the rumors died soon and the singer is now in a relationship with her BFF Gigi Hadid.


Nick Jonas

Kendall Jenner with Nick Jonas - BookMyShow

Rumors of Jenner dating the hunky singer began to float when her BFF Gigi Hadid dated his brother Joe Jonas. Apparently Gigi and Joe played matchmakers for the hot couple, after he broke up with Olivia Culpo. But the singer denied the rumors and our hopes died out too.



Kendall Jenner with Drake - BookMyShow

Rapper boyfriends run in the family! Jenner was rumored to be dating Drake when they were seen in a restaurant with some friends. The rapper also performed for the model’s 20th birthday party. But the two claim that they are no more than good friends.


Chris Brown

Kendall Jenner with Chris Brown - BookMyShow

This image of Jenner sitting on Chris Brown’s lap set the rumor mill running. There were sources that claimed that the model is a fan of the rapper and had a crush on him for years, which led to their alleged fling. But given his history, Jenner seems better off.


Michael B. Jordan

Kendall Jenner with Michael B. Jordan - BookMyShow

Jenner was photographed leaving the Met Gala with the actor, which set off rumors about their relationship. But Jordan addressed the rumor in an interview with GQ, where he said that the two of them were just friends.


Orlando Bloom

Kendall Jenner with Orlando Bloom - BookMyShow

The Lord of the Rings actor, who is currently in a relationship with Katy Perry, was once rumored to be dating the Kardashian half-sister. Gossip mills suggest that it was Bloom who was interested in the model, having been married to one previously, and the two had many secret dates.


D'Angelo Russell

Kendall Jenner with D'Angelo Russell - BookMyShow

When Jenner showed up courtside for a few Lakers games, it was rumored that her presence was because of her interest in NBA player D’Angelo Russell. The news was no big surprise, given her sisters’ taste in basketball players. Like the other rumors though, this one died too.


Lewis Hamilton

Kendall Jenner with Lewis Hamilton - BookMyShow

Speculation arose that Lewis Hamilton was dating Jenner after his split with longtime girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger. Jenner was also pictured wearing the race car driver’s gold chain necklace after the Monaco Grand Prix. The two were later spotted vacationing on a yacht with close friends.


Jordan Clarkson

Kendall Jenner with Jordan Clarkson - BookMyShow

He is the latest celeb to be linked with the model. Some close sources have confirmed the relationship, stating that the LA Laker basketball player has been dating Jenner for months. The model is yet to respond to the rumors.


Scott Disick

Kendall Jenner with Scott Disick - BookMyShow

Jenner’s most scandalous link-up was her alleged affair with Scott Disick, who is family to her. He happens to be the father of Jenner’s sister Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids. The pair and Kourtney have laughed off the rumors, stating them to be false. Another rumor bites the dust!