5 Dumb Moments From Sherlock’s Season Finale

Voila! The season finale of Sherlock is here and it just broke the internet. After waiting for almost two three years we get just three episodes. Seems unfair but so is life. But was it worth the wait? Umm, we aren’t sure and we will tell you why in the course of this article.

This season was supposed to be the final season in the Sherlock series but the creators probably wish to continue. The season finale was leaked online and also failed to garner decent rating despite all the hype. The episode was riddled with numerous plot twists and dumb moments and didn't really capture the true essence of the previous season finales. It's easy to say season four was not something what we were hoping for.

How did John escape?
The Lying Detective ended with a cliffhanger with John potentially being shot. Instead of taking off from where they left, the show begins with Mycroft going down the memory lane. Of course, they weren’t going to bump off Watson but it would have been interesting to know how he managed to wiggle his way out. Though it’s revealed that he was tranquilized, it seemed like the show’s attempt at hand-waving the whole situation.

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The Eurus and Moriarty dance
Andrew Scott made a much-awaited appearance on the show, soundtracked by Queen’s I Want To Break Free except it’s quickly revealed that it was five years ago. Ignore the fact that, Mycroft allowed a notorious criminal and his dangerous sister to have an unsupervised conversation, when they got to the meeting, they kinda danced against the glass. Weird!

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Mycroft goes full mental
Mycroft has managed to climb his way to the very top level of the government, which is particularly impressive considering he’s a bit of an idiot or at least the episode makes him seem to be. He allows an unsupervised audience for his sister, lies about her death to her parents and Sherlock and also returns her to Sherrinford, the most secure facility she was more than capable of breaking out of before. Way to go Mycroft, way to go!

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Everything about the plane
The episode started with a little girl waking up on the plane, discovering everyone else around is unconscious and she was heading towards disaster. This strand of story gave the three lead characters the impetus to solve the final problem. Except we learn at the very end that there was never a plane, it was just Eurus all along, describing her mental state. It was confusing to say the least and quite dumb to be honest.

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Where are the chains?
Towards the end of the episode, we see Watson chained in a well with bones and mud all over the floor. With the water level rising, it’s up to Sherlock to save him.This seemed like an impossible situation to get out of but thanks to lazy writing, Watson makes it out alive. Sherlock finds his evil sister and talks her into saving Watson. A rope is thrown down the well and he gets out, just like that. They simply forgot about the chains.

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