5 Reasons Nathan Fillion is the King of Geeks

 A wise man once said, "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain". And when you ponder over it, truer words haven't been spoken. There was one such TV series which was canceled prematurely at 14 episodes because of low ratings and now has become a legend. We are talking about the space smugglers-starrer Firefly.

Firefly is about a ship called Serenity in the outer space which was commandeered by Captain Malcolm Reynolds played by Nathan Fillion. This ruggedly handsome actor first gained popularity with his role in the sitcom One Life to Live. He then went aboard Serenity and hasn't looked back since. The show which did not work then has since gained a cult following with the actors still gracing the comic conventions with their presence more than a decade after the show was canceled. Nathan Fillion who is a self-confessed geek did a variety of roles post that and went on to become Richard Castle who could very well be an alternate reality version of this man.

His role as Richard Castle gave him ample opportunities to load the show with geeky references and he didn't miss a single one of them. Not a single one. We proclaim him as the King of Geekdom for the below reasons.





Ok, Adelaide. Last treasure hunt. This time, two rules. Post a pic, and only take one. I trust you.

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It is usually nice for celebrities who grace Comic Cons to announce on their social media handles on how excited they are to meet the fans. Nathan Fillion manages to take that one step ahead with a simple contest. He chooses a moderately popular place in the city he visits and hides something for the fans there. He then clicks a picture of that place and sends them on a treasure hunt. The prize at the end could be anything from merchandise to getting a chance to meet him. It is obvious why this excites his fans.

Castle references

Nathan Fillion - BookMyShowThere is no doubt, after Firefly, Castle was the most popular series of Fillion's where he played the lead. Richard Castle was known for his love for pop culture and abundant money gave him opportunities to indulge. From Space Cowboys to 'that show by Joss Whedon' comment, the show was filled with references. You just had to know where to look.

Con Man
Nathan Fillion - BookMyShowNo, he is not a con man but this is a web series in which he has teamed up with Alan Tudyk to take you behind the scenes of comic conventions. It follows the lives of two actors who were aboard a starship called Spectrum, which was canceled after one season and their experiences at being a celebrity at comic conventions. A lot of parallels are drawn towards their time with Firefly. You can watch the series on Vimeo.

He's a fan
Nathan Fillion - BookMyShowFrom watching Captain America multiple times to looking at Joss Whedon with fan eyes, he does everything a fan would. He's also a collector of merchandise and we would love to see his collection sometime. He also believes that even if he was pigeonholed as Malcolm Reynolds, it would be the dream.

He loves his fans

To witty replies and shaming the haters, his Twitter feed is a delight. He makes it a point to reply to almost all the tweets shot at him. We couldn't have asked for more.

Wishing Nathan Fillion a very happy birthday and may he continue ruling over us from his geek throne.