5 Things That Could Have Happened to Chandler in a Parallel Universe

Have you met Mr. Bing? That awkward guy who loves to crack jokes in uncomfortable situations. Who also gave us relationship goals when he started dating Monica. And of course, he along with Joey made bromance a thing. Friends was one of the epic TV shows that gave us all something to relate to. Each and every character on that show brought the show to life. And it will be completely bizarre to imagine the show without one of its lead characters, Chandler Bing. So, on Matthew Perry’s birthday, let’s imagine how things would be different for Chandler if he existed in parallel universes. Scroll down to read our theories.

The One With Chandler and Janice’s Wedding
Oh. My. God. No! It may sound scary right now, but in a parallel universe, Chandler and Janice could have been an item. They could have been that annoyingly loud and romantic couple who now hangs out with a different bunch of friends, as Chandler’s old group would have slowly phased them out, mainly because of Janice. But, that would have worked out fine for them as they would have enjoyed living a suburban life with their kids, something that they always wanted. This could have also gone the other way. Soon after their marriage, they would have gotten bored with each other. To spice things up, they would have had extramarital affairs, which would later be a cause of their constant, ugly fights. For Chandler, this would lead to depression and a sharp increase in the amount of sarcastic jokes/jabs and cigarettes.

The One With Chandler’s Confession
What if Chandler was actually gay? What if, because of his childhood he grew up to become an extremely insecure person who wasn’t sure how to deal with his feelings and face the truth by coming out of the closet? He definitely wouldn’t want to be like his parents, but he sure would have thought about finding a partner and taking it ahead with him gracefully. Probably that’s why he hadn’t opened up to his friends about this. He maybe wanted to keep it low-key and avoid all possible awkward situations with his friends. Can you imagine how crazy it would be to watch Chandler spill the truth to his friends?

The One With the Ross and Chandler’s College Reunion
Ross and Chandler go way back. They were best friends since college. But, have you ever thought how things would be if they would have drifted apart back then? Do you think this would have happened because of an immature fight about “who gets to date whom” in college? Or maybe things such as career, distance, and time would have made them lose touch? Imagine, we would have never known about their embarrassing college stories. That definitely would have sucked! Unless, after a decade or so, they would have met each other at their college reunion. This would have been a good opportunity to recollect memories and maybe get back in touch if there was no bad blood.

The One With the Annoying Neighbor
Remember Mr. Heckles? The cranky old neighbor who always complained about the noisy kids living upstairs. What if, Chandler in the second half of his life goes through some tough circumstances, which makes him a complete loner. Over the years, he keeps on piling up his frustrations that make him go cuckoo in the head, just like Mr. Heckles. Watching Chandler in this phase would just be plain depressing.

The One Where Chandler Works at Central Perk
Can you imagine Central Perk without Gunther? The man with hair brighter than the sun. Probably not. But, if you replace Gunther with Chandler, will it still be the same? Now picture this, Chandler as an awkward barista who cracks random jokes, bitchslaps his lazy staff or rude customers with his sarcasm, and secretly crushes over Rachel. Could this be any more crazy?!

So, what do you think? Which version of Chandler do you like? Do you still want Chandler to end up with Monica or have you got another crazy theory brewing in your mind? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us. Comment below to let us know.

And of course, thank you Matthew Perry for introducing Chandler Bing to our lives! Without you, Friends wouldn’t be the iconic TV series that we love. Happy birthday! And may you have a great year ahead.

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