5 Times Superwoman Inspired Us

When you hear the word Superwoman, there are two people who come to your mind. One is the DC superhero and the other our desi superwoman Lilly Singh (sorry, not sorry). In the past decade, Lilly Singh has battled depression and gone on to become a worldwide star with the power of YouTube. She was the first comedian on YouTube who was of Indian origin and is now ranked 8th highest paid YouTuber. But comedy is not where her talents end. She is now an actress, a rapper, a motivational speaker and even an author. As she launches her novel on How to Surviving Conquering like a Bawse this month, here are five other times she inspired us.

When she had a strong message for the haters

She usually ignores all the haters on her videos. There were a couple of them she simply could not. When she got a string of comments asking her to go make a sandwich, she did exactly that. Although, this one might be a little hard to digest.

When she did a makeup tutorial of a different kind

Her make-up is always spotless. But this inner beauty make-up tutorial isn't like your normal make-up tutorials. Watch to find out how.

When she didn't follow trends

She is all about creating your own style statement and her music video Leh defines it all for us. You don't need to follow trends, you can be your own fashion inspiration.

When she talked about being an equalist

All the talks about feminism aside, here she talks about being an equalist and being a rocking person regardless of the gender. Now that is what should be called inspiring.

When she delivered five solid minutes of motivation

No one does motivation like her. She would make you believe you could fly across the galaxy right now if you wanted too. On your low days, this will certainly help you pass by.

Does Superwoman inspire you as much as she inspires us? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.