6 Books that Should be Adapted into a TV Series

A picture maybe worth a thousand words but a movie might give life to those words. There are always some details though which miss out being adapted on screen.Usually, the problems readers have with the movies are the situations from the books that do not make it to the respective movies. The movies would get really long if those did make their way past the editing table and that might not please a few many people. A solution these days is how the studios are adapting books into TV series rather than movies. It has worked phenomenally well for A Song of Ice and Fire and Westworld where they have worked upon the original material and made it better. The adaptations are not just limited to fantasy. There have been series like Gossip Girl and Roswell, which were based on chick-lits while Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries was a mystery novel and a TV series.

If explored, there are a lot of series that can be adapted on small screen and we have listed some of them.

Any Enid Blyton series
TV Shows - BookMyShowThe Famous Five or The Secret Seven would make a great team of investigators to be added to the pile of crime-drama we already see on TV. Kids investigating mysteries which is a rare sight on the celluloid will be an added novelty. The stories are short and can be adapted episode-wise and as we know there is enough content to last about five seasons.

Gentlemen Bastards – Scott Lynch
TV Shows - BookMyShowThere were series like White Collar and Leverage where we met some talented con artists who had modern technology at their disposal to carry out elaborate cons. Now imagine a con artist by the name Locke Lamora pulling off his scams in the Renaissance era. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? The book series is still in progress and a TV series based on it would be ideal.

The Kingkiller Chronicles – Patrick Rothfuss
TV Shows - BookMyShowWe have already seen an entire day covered in the span of a season with a TV series like 24. Here, an inn keeper narrates his life in a three-day long audio biography, which also has some meta-stories going on side by side. A TV series format adaptation would be just perfect.

Matched Series – Ally Condie
TV Shows - BookMyShowThe concept of dystopia has not been covered extensively on TV and this would make a fine choice to be adapted as a series. A TV series will give the viewers to explore more about the life and styles instead of the single plot that gets turned into a movie.

Northlanders – Brian Woodthat
TV Shows - BookMyShowA series by DC Comics, it takes real historical events and creates a fictional story around them. The popularity of Vikings shows our love for Nordic stories and with the expertness that DC shows with its TV properties, this can be an amazing addition to the DC-verse on TV.

The Clifton Chronicles – Jeffery Archer
TV Shows - BookMyShowPure drama works every time and pure drama is what it would be when The Clifton Chronicles is adapted on the small screen. This six book series follows the life of one man who gains success and failures through his life and has a complicated family history. Intrigued much? We are too.

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