7 Most Expensive TV Shows Ever

Forget movies, now TV shows are becoming larger than life. Production houses are looking out for interesting stories and are willing to shell out a little extra (maybe a bit too much) to capture that authentic look and to do justice to the story. And let’s be honest, viewers are absolutely enjoying it and are eager to check out more shows that are different and entertaining. 

Come to think about it, how much do you think it costs to shoot an episode or a season of some TV shows? Especially when they make extensive use of CGI and VFX. Well, here goes. We bring you a list of the most expensive TV shows to have ever been made. Read on.

Sense8: USD 9 Million/Episode
The creators of The Matrix are back with this sci-fi Netflix TV show that gets you hooked from the very beginning. This show is about eight strangers from around the globe who find that their senses and abilities are connected with each other in a mysterious way. The story definitely sounds interesting and does justice to it through the visuals. Money well spent.

Rome: USD 9 Million/Episode
Period dramas are always the most difficult to make. If you don’t pay attention to the details, you lose the essence of the show, which leads to low viewership. But with this show, this wasn’t the case. With the story and the visuals, this show gained a lot of popularity and won several Emmy Awards but even that was not enough to justify the high production cost. Due to this HBO had to cut it short.

Game of Thrones: USD 10 Million/Episode
This wasn’t surprising at all. If you have seen this show, you must have noticed the amount of detailing that goes into this show. From getting the costumes right to creating stunning visual effects, the creators of the show are doing a fantastic job of bringing George R. R. Martin’s stories to life. And now, we know how much it costs to achieve that.

Friends: USD 10 Million/Episode
This was one of the most adored and longest running shows on television. It did not have insane visual effects but it packed good amounts or humor, romance, and drama. This made the show and its stars super famous, so much so that the salary of each actor went up to USD 1 million per episode. Now you do the math.

ER: USD 13 Million/Episode 
Here’s another TV show that went on for 15 seasons and brought George Clooney (Dr. Doug Ross) in the limelight. At the beginning, the cost per episode was around USD 1.6 million from there it skyrocketed to USD 13 million per episode.

The Get Down: USD 120 Million/Episode 
Baz Luhrmann 
and a team of talented collaborators created this American drama series, which is a story of a group of teenagers from the Bronx, exploring themselves in the late 70s. By the looks of the show, it has amazing music, energetic cast, and aesthetic shots, all the elements that are usually seen in Baz Luhrmann movies.

The Crown: USD 130 Million/Season
A show that covers the lives of the royals, will obviously be royally expensive. The first season gave you a closer look at what the situation was during the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This Netflix show has now become the most expensive series ever made.

Mindblown? We totally get it! If you know more of such shows, don't forget to comment below and let us know.