7 Times The Simpsons Predicted the Future of Technology

Satirical comedies are the best and no one does it better than The Simpsons. The content that you see on this animated TV show is unique, not grossly offensive, and well timed, which makes it entertaining for people across all age groups. And if you regularly follow this TV show, you must have noticed that they have covered almost all possible topics and have even been successful at predicting the future. At that point, most of us might have had a good laugh about all the wacky ideas that they had come up with. But when these ideas get materialized and are considered as the next big invention, it somewhat amuses you and freaks you out a little.

So whoever thought that cartoons can’t predict the future of technology, well they now stand corrected. Here are some of the inventions that The Simpsons predicted ages ago, which now exist in real life. Read on to find out.

Auto Correct Mode
We at some point have faced the horrors of auto-correct mode on our phones but this was already predicted in the episode “Lisa on Ice”, way back in 1994.

3D Printed Cakes
When Marge takes a picture of Lisa and Bart before they leave for their senior prom, the polaroid turns into an actual cake. Back then it seemed impossible, well it’s totally possible now. Even NASA is perfecting this technology further to make it convenient for their astronauts to use.
3D Cake
Baby Translator
Seemed a bit far-fetched then, but now there exists a cry translator in the childcare market that pretty much helps parents decipher if their baby is crying because it’s hungry, sleepy, in pain, etc. How convenient!

They really are a boon. With smartphones, you can pretty much do anything with a tap. And now they are available in the form of a compact watch. In the "Lisa's Wedding” episode, you saw Lisa’s fiancé use that before anyone else did.
Video Chatting
Even before Skype, The Simpsons showed us in an episode in 1995 that in the future, there will be such an advanced technology that will allow people to do a video chat with each other no matter how far they are. Now it totally makes sense.

Face Time
Farm Ville
Admit it, you were either addicted to this game or absolutely repulsed by it. This concept of virtually enjoying farming was featured in season 9 of this show (1997); there it was called Yard Work Simulator.

Farm Ville
GoPro Camera
It may not have been that compact in the show but they pretty much nailed the idea. They came up with “a camera so tiny that it fit into an oversized novelty hat” – fashion and technology combined.

Mind = blown? Maybe next time you can make a note of all the new inventions that are featured on this show and hope and pray for them to materialize in the future.