8 F.R.I.E.N.D.S Facts You Still Didn’t Know

On 22nd September 1994, TV viewers were introduced to six friends who have since become household names. Rachel, Monica, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler have changed an entire generation’s outlook towards friendship and life. They managed to entertain us for 10 years and still continue to do so as we watch the re-runs. Since then, the actors have parted ways and managed to make a good name for themselves. The actors continue to remain steadfast friends and we still catch glimpses of the team here and there. The reunion is definitely not happening (we can still keep our fingers crossed). But we have some facts which might make re-watching the episodes yet again more fun.

The frame on the door was actually a mirror.


One of the crew members accidentally broke the glass but since it didn’t look very bad. They let the frame remain.

There was something of the actor in the character.
Some of the characters weren’t originally written the way they were presented. Joey was not supposed to be dim, but when Matt LeBlanc auditioned that way, the makers included that as a part of the character. Janice really doesn’t sound like that and Chandler’s awkwardness around women stemmed from Matthew Perry’s behavior around them. And Courtney is as much of a neat freak as Monica is.


The iconic sofa was in a basement.


The sofa which is so iconic was lying in a Warner Brothers basement when a crew member found it and it is now as popular as the actors and it also has its own studio where Central Perk is kept intact and you can even get your pictures clicked there.

Bruce Willis guest-starred for free.


Bruce Willis lost a bet to Matthew Perry regarding the success of their movie The Whole Nine Yards and hence, appeared on the series for free and donated his fee to charity.

The One Where No One’s Ready.
During the filming of this episode, the makers were facing some budget constraints and hence, they shot most of the episode in Monica and Rachel’s flat and they had no extras or guest stars for the episode.


Friends in every episode.
The word friend is used in each episode of the series. Well, that deserves a re-viewing.​

It was a gold mine for ads
A 30-second spot on the show cost around 500,000 Euros. If anything can prove a show's popularity, this can! This figure should let you know the extent of the shows viewership.

The Coffee was real.
The show went through 32 pots of coffee on the day of the shoot and James Michael Tyler who played the role of Gunther was only hired because he knew how to make an espresso.