9 Reasons Why Marshall is the One For You

There are a plethora of relationships that can exist between a girl and a boy. If there was a TV series that explored this wide range of relationships, it was How I met your Mother. We had a typical playboy (Barney) and a typical good boy (Ted) looking for one true love and there was also the one who had a perfect life. Yes, we are talking about Marshall Eriksen. Played by Jason Segel, his relationship through the series gave us a lot of couple goals. While some might dream about Barney or profess to be Ted's one true love, deep down everyone wants someone like Marshall. Don't believe us yet? Let us give you seven reasons why he is 'the one' for you.

If your love for food is a nemesis of your waistline, Marshall is the one who wouldn't care. Instead, he might take you to all those obscure joints that serve delectable food.

Road Trips
Road trips may sound exciting but can get a dull and drab after a while. But not with Marshall by your side. He can not only make a single song being played on repeat fun but his entertaining stories will make you wish the trip lasts longer.

Coordinating Outfits
Marshall - BookMyShowSome men might shy away from coordinating outfits with their partners from the fear of being called cheesy. Marshall Eriksen might see this as an opportunity for showcasing his love and won't mind dressing up in the coordinated outfits. Time to get some of those matching moose sweaters.

Pep Talks
Every time we stand in front of an obstacle, a good pep talk can get half the job done. Marshall will boost up your ego and confidence every time with all the good that you have done in life and he might also use color-coded charts to prove his point. Who wouldn't want that?

Career Support
In the course of series, Marshall has supported his wife Lily's career over and over, even at the cost of his dream at times. If that doesn't raise the bar high, we don't know what does.

There is no one better at assigning nicknames than Marshall Erikson and he is completely fine with you calling him nicknames although he secretly think he can do better.

Pause During Fights
Fights can get really ugly during the course of a relationship and can last for days and months unless you use this pause feature that lets you pause the fights and let the other parts of your relationship go its normal course.

Airport Welcome
Yes, our loved ones do come to receive us at the airport but no one does it like Marshall. He goes all out, with a marching band and a cute welcome placard. 

Best Friend
Marshall will also be your best friend. His company will not make you miss your girlfriends because he can handle the girl and sass talk as well as his talk with the dudes.

Bonus: This reaction to Enrique singing, will surely melt your heart.

Wishing Jason Segel a very happy birthday as we binge-watch How I Met Your Mother. You should too.