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7 Times Adam DeVine Made Us LOL

If you watch Modern Family, you know Adam DeVine as Andy, the guy who was Joe’s nanny, and later dates Haley Dunphy. DeVine is probably one of the best guest appearances to become a recurring character on the show, after Nathan Lane, who plays Pepper Saltzman. However, if you have not seen Adam DeVine in anything other than Modern Family, we feel sorry for you, because the guy is a riot. His stand-up shows are hilarious, his own comedy show ‘Workaholics’ is now in its seventh season, and even his talk show appearances will leave you in splits. 

Today is Adam DeVine’s birthday, and if you, like us, want to see more of him, here’s where you need to begin:





Co-written and co-produced by DeVine, the show is about college roommates and their transition into adulthood, while continuing to drink, party, and prank each other. Check out this clip from the show:  


Modern Family

DeVine brings more insanity and laughter to this show. Right from his debut, he has become an integral part of Modern FamilyHaley + Andy 4eva!

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Pitch Perfect

Here, DeVine plays the egotistical leader of the Treblemakers, who later becomes Patricia’s (Rebel Wilson) love interest in Pitch Perfect 2. Watch them sing We Belong’ here: 


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Mike (Adam DeVine) and Dave (Zac Efron) are just two funny guys looking for dates for their sister’s wedding. While Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) and Alice (Anna Kendrick) may not be the good girls they want, they are more than an ideal match for the brothers. Watch the trailer of this hilarious movie here: 




Laugh Factory 

DeVine started his career as a stand-up comedian. He is a member of the sketch comedy groups The National Lampoon Lemmings and Mail Order Comedy. Check out his video, where he just wants to hand out with his "dudes":


Adam DeVine's House Party

This part-stand-up-part-sitcom show has been co-created by and stars DeVine. The show is about him hosting a party, where three stand-up comedians perform. Check out this clip from the pilot episode: 




Conan on TBS

DeVine appeared on Conan with Zac Efron, his Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates co-star. There he spoke about his growing fame and his parents’ reaction to seeing him on screen. Watch the funny clip here: 


Happy Birthday, Adam DeVine. You are de-vine-tely our new favorite funny guy!