Bigg Boss In The First Week Of 2017

For everyone outside, 2017 may have started with a lot of celebration and festivity but the new year did not really start on a very good note for the Bigg Boss contestants. Of course, there were celebrations and activities along with Salman Khan's entry in the house but while one person took leave and got to spend the first day of the new year with family and friends, the others witnessed a war in the house. For all those people who have missed watching the daily drama, here's what took place in the previous week. 

Although we usually cover the new from the oldest to the newest of the week, this week is going to different as we go on to give you the biggest news of the week. Read on

Swami Om thrown out for urinating on Bani and Rohan

This should have been done long ago but Bigg Boss has finally kicked Swami Om out of the house for peeing on the contestants of the show. This was not the first time Swami had stooped so low in the house.

The eviction of Gaurav Chopra

After being nominated for two weeks with Bani and Monalisa, Gaurav Chopra finally said goodbye to the housemates as he got evicted before the New Years.

The Rohan – Lopa fight

Rohan and Lopa, who were known to be very good friends, got into a huge brawl where Rohan accused Lopa of adding fuel to the fire and she threw Rohan's luggage on the floor in anger.

Price money increased

After the Maalgaadi task, the total amount that the winner would be taking home is now 43 lakhs INR, which was initially 15 lakhs INR.


The nomination process went rather differently when Bigg Boss made odd pairs and asked them for a name. After finding no conclusion, all contestant except Manu and Manveer had to bear the consequence – they were all nominated.