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Bigg Boss Update This Week

Four weeks into the Bigg Boss house, you could say the contestants have already completed one third of their journey and by the looks of it, things cannot get any uglier than they already seem to be. 

Lokesh Kumari who seemed like the shy girl not too long ago, has finally started speaking for herself, Swami Om is busy exaggerating the situations in the house, the nasty cat-fight between Lopa Mudra and VJ Bani continues and the Manu-Mona closeness is grabbing eyeballs. 

Overall, the first month of Bigg Boss has managed to end with a lot of drama (ideally just how it's supposed to be.) Here's is a set of updates over the last few days to help you catch up anything you've missed.

Bani Lopa Fight


The constant fight between Lopa and Bani was taken to another level with the wrestling immunity task. After winning to Bani, Lopa was to make Bani her slave for 24 hours, which made the situation even worse.

Bani Stabbed by Rohan


For all those who think this is just a dramatic sentence, you are in for a surprise. Rohan accidentally did stab Bani in the stomach with a knife while playing with it. An injured Bani, without making a big deal out of it just asked everyone to leave her alone.



All this time we thought Karan was the good guy and then we saw him play the little nomination game where he nominated Lokesh and covered it up by saying it was a confusion. Smart guy, eh?

Secret Room


By the end of Week 3, we saw Swami Om leave the house after the eviction. But no, wait, he didn't. Our favourite Swami was kept in a secret room all this while where he received all updates about the house members talking ill about him.



In the last week we saw Rahul DevLokesh Kumari SharmaMaveer Gurjar and Navin Prakash as the four nominated contestants of which Naveen Prakash was evicted with least votes.

The drama hasn't ended yet. Watch what happens this week. Who gets evicted? Bigg Boss 10 – Week 5 is about to begin!