Best role so far.” – Anupam Kher on his role in Silver Linings Playbook.

Anupam Kher: Over 450 films & 100 plays as a multiple award winning actor. A producer, director and writer. Former chairperson of the Indian Film Censor Board and former director of the Indian School of Drama. Awarded the prestigious Padma Shri in 2004. He was also recently declared one of the 5 best Asian actors by Hollywood Reporter, the only Indian on the list. His achievements could fill the page if one goes on.

On the eve of the release of the Oscar nominated Silver Linings Playbook, where Mr. Kher plays a key role; a chat with him reveals his excitement, pride and enthusiasm. Wise words from a man whose fan following has climbed higher and higher over a three decade long career. A treat for fans of this versatile actor.

His spirited enthusiasm was obvious at the mention of Special 26. An intense yet comical performance has earned him critical acclaim and the love of the audiences in as early as the opening week.

After the initial conversation about his recent Hindi film, Mr. Kher spoke about his role in Silver Linings Playbook. He plays the court-mandated therapist Dr. Patel to Bradley Cooper’s character who is suffering from a bipolar disorder. Mr. Kher goes on to explain how this has been his best role so far in a context such as this. He also adds with pride that the movie has crossed the 100 Million mark in North America apart from the various awards it has been nominated for.

On being questioned about the shooting experience with the talented entourage of actors, there is tenderness in his voice when he speaks about Robert De Niro who plays Bradley Cooper’s father in the film. Another reason for his special fondness for the senior actor; a short film called “I Went Shopping For Robert De Niro” directed by Mr. Kher himself. This 29 minute short film, he delightfully adds began when a clip that centered around two girls who were at a crossroads in their lives was sent to him. The idea turned Mr. Kher into a director and the rest as they say… is history. Mr. Kher plans to take this film to various film festivals in the near future. When asked about working with one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood, he responds with professional admiration to suggest that Lawrence is so young and yet so hard working and brilliant.

To end on a very somber note, Mr. Kher highlights how dysfunctional individuals are misunderstood by society. Silver Linings Playbook is a film that reminds us about the power of love and warmth. It is an intense issue dealt with in a sensitive yet light-hearted and humorous manner.

Mr. Anupam Kher, as fans of your work, we wish you all the best for Silver Linings Playbook as well as all other future projects.

Watch the Silver Linings Playbook trailer here!

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