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Adapting a renowned bestseller is something few filmmakers manage to crack but not only has Deepa Mehta mastered this art but has also dared to venture where few directors have. Of her finest works, Water was a film on the plight of widows while Fire was a tale of two sister in laws turning to each other for love and Earth was an account of what a little girl witnessed during the partition. She has even dabbled in romantic comedies, her most popular film, being, Bollywood/Hollywood.

BookMyShow speaks to Deepa Mehta about the filming of Midnight’s Children. Read on and gear yourself for another successful adaptation of a timeless tale.

1) Considering adaptation of iconic literary works have seen success off late in India. What are your expectations from the Indian audience for Midnight’s Children?

I am an optimist and think the audience will relate to it. Perhaps naive on my part, but there you go !

2) Rumor has it that a few celebrated actors backed out last minute due to varied reasons. Do you regret the lack of star power? After all, that is one of the  best ways to woo the Indian audience.

Nobody backed out at the last minute. Don’t short change the Indian audience. Surely there is some part that responds to story, drama, humour and emotion.

3) Is it true that Salman Rushdie’s novel Shalimar the Clown was initially considered instead of Midnight’s Children. If yes, then what made you finally decide on  Midnight’s Children.

We were talking about Shalimar the Clown initially and then I made an instinctive decision to ask Salman Rushdie about Midnight’s Children.

4) Do you have any favorites among your talented line up of actors? The casting must have been a painstaking process considering the complexity of the characters.

I enjoy the casting process of any film hugely. For this film it a pure joy. The film has actors from Bollywood films. Actors from theatre, first time actors and thespians from the regions. All of them are superb in their respective roles. To die for really!

5) Can Indian fans expect a Hindi version?

A question for the films Distributors.

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