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Bollywood Stars Who’ve Aged Well

Bollywood celebrities have proven that age is just a number. The stars of yesteryears are still the stars of today. And they are not likely to stop anytime soon. You may wonder what the secret to their resilience is. After all, some of these stars seem like they haven’t aged at all, while others keeping looking better the older they get. The primary reason is that celebrities have increasingly become health conscious. Watching what you consume and exercising the right amount can not only make you physically fit, but improves your overall health. In addition, not drinking, not smoking, yoga and detoxing even makes your skin look younger. Take a look at the celebs who seemed to have aged well over the years.


Akshay Kumar

The Bollywood Benjamin Button, Akshay only seems to be getting younger every year. Even now, he makes more movies per year than any other mainstream Bollywood actor.

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Anil Kapoor

While Anil Kapoor used to be ridiculed for being the ‘hairy man of Bollywood’, we must admit that he has groomed into one fine looking actor today.

Aged Anil Kapoor - BookMyShow


Kabir Bedi

India’s hottest grandfather, Kabir Bedi does not let age define him. Only last year, he was married for the fourth time, to his girlfriend who is 30 years younger than him.

Aged Kabir Bedi - BookMyShow


Madhuri Dixit

The actress does not seem to have aged one bit since her debut with the movie Abodh in 1984. Even today, Madhuri is as beautiful and graceful as ever.

Aged Madhuri Dixit - BookMyShow


Milind Soman

Very few people remain as attractive as Milind Soman past their 50s. The secret to his good looks and great body is his dedication to fitness.  

Aged Milind Soman - BookMyShow



She is one of the few actresses of the 1970s period, who still turns heads every time she walks into a room. At 61 years of age, the actress is as beautiful as ever.

Aged Rekha - BookMyShow


Shilpa Shetty

Everyone wants to know the secret to Shilpa Shetty’s age reversal. Like her contemporary Akshay, she too seems to be aging backward, growing younger with each passing year.

Aged Shilpa Shetty - BookMyShow


Suniel Shetty

A lot has changed with Suniel Shetty since his appearances in movies, the spelling of his name being the least important. What amazes us is how hot he managed to get over the years.

Aged Suniel Shetty - BookMyShow


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