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5 Reasons Charlie Hunnam Would Be a Better Christian Grey

For those of you who do not remember, Charlie Hunnam was one of the first choices to play the role of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movies. In fact, the actor was also signed for the role, but he backed out later, as the pressures of being a part of a big film franchise did not appeal to him. To cut a long story short, Jamie Dornan was later selected for the part, and Charlie went on to do movies like Crimson PeakThe Lost City of Z, and the upcoming adventure drama, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

But imagine if Charlie Hunnam had not backed out. Today, he would be the star of the big-budget franchise. As we celebrate the actor’s 37th birthday, we bring you five reasons why Charlie would have made a better Christian Grey. Take a look:


His ‘intense face’ is better.

Christian Grey is an intense person. He is not goofy, he does not play around, and he’s mostly serious. Jamie Dornan surely fits into that description, but he doesn’t have the intensity that Charlie does. Charlie looks like the guy you wouldn’t want to cross, which is exactly what is expected out of Grey.  

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey - BookMyShow


You seriously cannot take your eyes off that smoldering look.

Anastasia Steele is besotted with Christian Grey for no good reason. Is it his wealth, is it the power, or simply that he has absolute control over her? Jamie Dornan does not seem to have that dominant trait that Christian does, whereas Charlie can hoodwink you only with his gaze.

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey - BookMyShow


He looks hella dapper in a suit.

Christian Grey is rich, and he’s mostly working. He is always pictured in a suit, whether he is at home, or even with Anastasia. While most men do look extremely sexy in a suit, Charlie takes it to another level. If you don’t believe us, just see for yourselves!

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey - BookMyShow


You know he is a badass since his Sons of Anarchy days.

Before he was chosen to play Christian Grey, Charlie played Jax Teller, the ring leader of an elite motorcycle club on Sons of Anarchy. You didn’t mess with Jax, or you’d find yourself facing the muzzle of his gun. The thirst for power made Charlie a perfect Christian.  

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey - BookMyShow


He does not look like Dakota Johnson’s brother.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan look adorable together, but their chemistry does not seem romantic or sexual either. In fact, they could easily pass of as siblings with their similar petit build and dark hair. You know who does not look like Dakota though? Charlie – our dreamy Christian Grey!

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey - BookMyShow


Happy birthday, Charlie Hunnam. Forget Christian Grey, we want Jax Teller back!