In conversation with Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi come together after three years for their new film Mr. X which is set to hit cinemas this Friday, April 17th. It is the story of how a man can become invisible at will, and becomes a vigilante to seek revenge from people who have wronged him. We spoke to the director of the film, Mr. Vikram Bhatt regarding the the lead pair, the story and much more. Excerpts from the interview:

Q. What has the response been to the Mr. X soundtrack so far?
A. I would say it’s been phenomenal. ‘Tu jo hain’, I think on Bollywood Hungama, it’s the number one video on replay circulation by far. And, ‘You can call me X’, which is the second one I think is trending at number 3. So the music’s done really well.
Q. How did the concept of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt lending his voice to the title track of the film come about?
A. Actually, when we were doing the music sitting, what happened is that there are two voices in the song, one female, one male. So Jeet Ganguly, the music director was singing both versions, so he said ‘Yeh female mein hoga, yeh male mein hoga.’(This will be male, and that female) . So Bhatt sahab just took the paper from him and said ‘Ok. Ill sing the male bit, lets see’. And it sounded so cool, when he sang it, we were like, ‘You should do it’. Of course Emraan Hashmi sung for a bit, because he thought it was his voice. But he was voted out.
Q. So how did someone relatively new like Amyra Dastur match up to Emraan Hashmi‘s intensity and perfection in front of the camera ?
A. I don’t think acting can be taught. I don’t think acting can be learnt. I think you’re either an actor or you’re not. And Amyra is an actor. And when you’re an actor, the day you do your first film, or whether you’re doing your seventh or eighth film, what you don’t have is the goals in your arc or the cinematic language. And for that, the director is there. You should give me some credit. *laughs*
Q. In the south, movies in the genre such as Dasavathaaram and Enthiran have enthralled the viewers. Bollywood sci-fi movies have yet to take off, and find an audience. Do you think Mr. X will change the audiences’ perception?
A. I hope so.
Q. We know very little about the team that has worked on the special effects of the film other apart from Mr. Kvsanjit who is known for working on films such as Krrish and Sivaji The Boss. What more would you like to share with our viewers regarding the technology that has been used in the film ?
A. See, Kvsanjit is a friend and an extremely talented VFX supervisor. We wanted to do something different in this film. We had a concept where you can see him and you can’t see him. You can see him in sunlight. It’s like he appears and disappears in the same frame. So, that was the tricky part and that was the new part, and to do that in action sequences and stuff like that was a tough one. But well, we managed. I know Sai Prasad and Kavita Prasad very well, and we’ve worked together since Haunted on all our 3D films. They are very dedicated to special effects, and the perfection of special effects, and they are very very particular of what would suit their studio. So its a delight working with them.
Q. What is the one X factor that should drive audiences to watch the film?
A. Well, I think there isn’t one. There is more than one. I think it’s a fabulous love story. It’s a great revenge story. It’s the coming of a new justice seeker, I wouldn’t call him a vigilante, he is a new justice seeker. And not just for himself, but for everybody else as well. I think special effects can only be the icing on the cake, it can’t be the cake. The cake is always the story. Fabulous films with great amount of special effects haven’t done well, because the story is just not involving enough. I think the fact that Mr. X has a very engrossing story is what makes it work. 

– As told to Vikas Nopany

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