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“Everything is wrong with Narcos”, says Pablo’s Son

Everyone went crazy when the Netflix show Narcos aired on TV. With its slick narrative and the 70s vibe, we were taken back in time. We all loved the show for its portrayal of Escobar as the nefarious drug-lord who would stop at nothing to be in power. But Sebastian Marroquin, Pablo’s son, is apparently not a fan and resorted to social media to clarify his stance. He went on to call the show “insulting” to his father’s memory and took to Twitter to rant about it. Here we take a look at some inaccuracies or rather ‘creative liberties’, which the show-makers made you believe.Narcos - Bookmyshow

Carlos was not the devil
Carlos Henao, Pablo’s brother-in-law was an honest man. In contrast to how the show portrayed him, he was not a drug dealer and, in fact, a noble and hard-working gentleman. Allegedly, the Netflix show made it seem that his death was the product of a legitimate confrontation between police and narcos, but in reality, or at least in the Sebastian Marroquin world, he was tortured and hung up by Los Pepes.

Pablo was no fan of Atlético Nacional
Numerous times in the show, we see Pablo enjoying his favorite football team Atlético Nacional  play on TV, except they weren't his favorite. According to his son, his father was a huge fan of Independiente Medellín FC. Guess the makers got it wrong!Narcos - Bookmyshow

No gung-ho at La Catedral
Remember the season 1 finale, when Pablo escaped La Catedral while his thugs fell like flies in the gunfight? Yeah, well, that never happened. Pablo’s son says only the prison keeper died when the troops stormed in. Also, law-enforcement agency had no hand in his escape as shown in the TV show. So much for exaggeration!

Tata never shot a gun
Pablo’s ever supporting wife Tata,
never shot a gun!
Narcos - Bookmyshow

Pablo had a change of mind
We all know the death of Moncada and Galeano, was one of the biggest mistakes Pablo ever committed. But do you know? Pablo had a change of heart at the last minute but failed to stop their execution inadvertently digging his own grave in the process.

Leon wasn't a traitor
The show represents Leon as a traitor who flipped sides when Pablo’s business came to a standstill. In fact, he fought by his side till the very end and was later captured, tortured and killed.

Pablo never killed Colonel Carrillo
Despite what the show makers want you to believe, Pablo never put a bullet (personally) into Colonel Carrillo. It was enacted that way for a dramatic effect.

Pablo never mistreated his parents
Pablo never mistreated his parents, which includes his father.  

He was all alone
In his final days, Pablo was on his own and most of his allies, apart from Angelito and Chopo, were dead.

Pablo cared about his children
Escobar also never forced his son or children to get involved in the clandestine activities. Sebastian says that his parents placed a heavy emphasis on education, and other opportunities they didn't have.

So kids, don't believe everything you see.