Not all are her followers but nearly all consumers of film reviews are elated by her elegance and panache. The community of her followers grows strong and every film discussion beats the novelty of her previous records. She is a moviepedia, an institution where kindergarten is A for Amitabh, G for Godfather and S for Shah Rukh. She is now accessible a click away on her latest YouTube channel for trivia, reviews and interviews. Anupama Chopra – the film companion, returns to provide our film fix!

After a delightful stint on television, Anupama finds an alter route to reach out to her fans with movie reviews and chats with film personalities. Film Companion has a simplistically-designed logo in black with a yellowish background; a montage of which is played at the beginning of every video on the YouTube channel.

After the second season of The Front Row came to an end, Fridays stopped being the quintessential film weekends. The reviews, feedbacks and movie chats were missed by followers of her show. Back with even more excitement about films, Anupama’s short YouTube videos surely have got her fans cheering!

Film Companion, barely a few episodes old, has already had Rohit Shetty, Rajkumar Hirani, Anurag Kashyap, Ajay Devgn, Vikramaditya Motwane among others sharing their latest film exposures with Anupama Chopra.

Interestingly on an early episode of Film Companion, Raju Hirani unveiled (quite literally) the controversial poster of his December release P.K. In another episode, Anupama Chopra shared a list of her favorites from ‘they-are-so-bad-that-they-are-good films’ which features 5 of her top-rated nonsensical abrupt weirdo entertainment. The episode, if not anything, makes for an extremely amusing watch!

Short snippets of Film Companion ensure viewers get to see enough of Bollywood, and also prescribes the best of Hollywood and World Cinema. Tampopo (1985), a Japanese film which was featured in one of the segments, is a rare treasure for the viewers of global films. An honest critic never shrugs off criticism from fans and followers. Like TFR, Anupama Chopra is here to talk films and waves off with a closing note that appeals the viewers to post their feedback. We look forward to our film fix from the film companion in AnupamaLand.

By Soham Bhattacharyya

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