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5 Funniest Moments From The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton keeps the talk part of the talk show format alive. The Irish host is comfortable with his guests taking the spotlight and also with being the center of attention himself. Where American late-night talk shows rely on special segments to get audiences laughing, The Graham Norton Show places the importance on talking to celebrities. With fewer restrictions on what to talk about, the British talk show has celebrities free to talk about anything and everything.  On his birthday today, let's look back to some of the funniest moments on his show over the years. 

Sylvester Stallone Punches Graham Norton

What could a greater honor be than getting punched in the face by the Rocky star Sylvester Stallone? Okay, so Stallone didn't actually punch Graham Norton, but they filmed it just like they do in the movies and Norton's reaction to it is pure comedy. 

Emma Stone and the Spice Girls

Emma Stone is a huge fan of the Spice Girls but she had never met them in person. Graham Norton led her to believe she was going to meet one or more members of the pop group and has her looking around the set to find them, right until he reveals that they're not there. 


Benedict Cumberbatch has been on The Graham Norton Show multiple times and remains a popular guest. In one of his appearances, Graham called him out on his pronunciation of the word 'penguins' in a nature documentary. Benedict even came out and admitted dreading the word ever since narrating the documentary. 

Guy Gets Rejected 

A guy performs the romantic gesture of coming to The Graham Norton Show's red chair to ask out a girl in the audience. He's confident and it's endearing but the girl says no to him the second time. It's so brutal that even the celebrity guests were horrified and found it hilarious at the same time.

Foreign Menu Translations

This a segment that would have never made past the American censors to be aired on the late-night shows. It's not just that the English translations of foreign menus that made it one of the funniest moments on the show – it's Stanley Tucci being in literal tears from laughing too hard.

We wish Graham Norton a very happy birthday and look forward to seeing more side-splitting moments from his show.