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Sarah Hyland, the Modern Daughter

Happy birthday to Sarah Hyland, aka the sassy daughter Haley Dunphy from Modern Family. The winsome girl first appeared on screen when she was only seven. Both her parents are actors and she grew up watching Shakespearean plays, realizing her passion for acting in the process. We're glad she realized her talent – so far, Sarah has won five awards out of her 10 nominations.


She often gets mistaken for the equally alluring Mila Kunis. Sarah says, “I get it a lot. I love her. I’ve been a very big fan of hers for a long time”. Even Mila gets mistaken for Sarah. When people go up to Mila telling her they love the show Modern Family, she always thanks them for the admiration.


Sarah was in an abusive live-in relationship with her boyfriend of five years, Matt Prokop. She even got a restraining order against him, for he physically and verbally abused her. Surprisingly enough, she went up to her on-screen mother (Julie Bowen) to seek help. Soon enough, she began to cope and healed well. She has been dating Vampire Academy co-star Dominic Sherwood since a while now.


Sarah has been suffering from kidney dysplasia since she was born. Even on a daily basis it would affect her considerably – any form of physical stress would cause her pain. This is why Haley is always seated, or leaning against a wall in the show. Eventually it got worse and in 2012 she had to get a kidney transplant, with her father as the donor.


Did you know that she sings as well? Here's a bonus video for you below. Not only is she pleasing to the eyes, but the ears too.