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Happy Birthday, John Stamos!

John Stamos is a musician and an actor. But everyone knows him as Jesse Katsopolis or just lovingly, "Uncle Jesse" from the popular TV series Full House. He played the cool uncle to three girls who had just lost their mother. His transformation from the carefree adventure-loving biker to the uncle his nieces could look up to and who regularly handed out some wise advice was inspirational.
Stamos although is not just known for that. Before Full House, he appeared in General Hospital as Blackie Parrish and since Full House, he has appeared in numerous TV shows like Glee, Two and a Half Men, Friends, etc. His next lead role came in 2015 with the series Grandfathered where he plays a hotel-owner who has recently discovered that he has a son and a granddaughter, and goes on to take care of his granddaughter. He also starred in the 2016 movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Unlike the character Jesse, Stamos is more of a drummer and has performed with various bands including the Beach Boys and also his band from the show Jesse and the Rippers.
On his birthday, we list things that John Stamos taught us as Jesse Katsopolis:

Hair Care is Necessary

John Stamos - BookMyShowWe remember clearly Uncle Jesse obsessing over his hair and the trauma he goes through when Stephanie accidentally chopped his mane. He regularly handed out hair advice. And his appearance in Fuller House proves that his hair care paid off when compared to his other counterparts on the show.

"Have Mercy"

John Stamos - BookMyShowWe know his catch phrase. It was a regular feature and a part of his personality. A penny for each time boys have tried their luck with the ladies with "Have Mercy". To some of us it was what Joey's "How You Doing?" is to many. 

Family First

John Stamos - BookMyShowThere is no greater example than when he gave up the gig of his lifetime to be there for his wife Rebecca, who was expecting twins. He has also numerous times put the kids first. While on a holiday taking a break to decide whether he wanted to continue living with the Tanners, news of Michelle’s illness made him rush home.

Support Your Partner

John Stamos - BookMyShowHe has always been a strong supporter of Rebecca’s career and even took care of the twins when it was time for Becky to go back to Wake up San Francisco. Even before their marriage, he supported Becky whenever she put her work first. She was equally supportive when she insisted that Jesse should not refuse a gig and not worry about her when she was pregnant. 

Being Cool

John Stamos - BookMyShowJesse rocked the denim and leather biker look and was just as awesome donning the apron in the kitchen. He made his home in the rabbit-wallpapered room and that did not dim his coolness quotient at all. He explained that coolness was a state of mind and we totally agree with him.

Owning up to Mistakes

John Stamos - BookMyShowAnother thing Uncle Jesse taught us that it was important to own up when you make a mistake and face the music. It only makes you stronger and in life it makes you cautious from repeating a mistake again.

Being a Fan is Cool

John Stamos - BookMyShowHe also taught us that we can obsess over a star regardless of our age. For Jesse, it was Elvis Presley and we can safely say, we have rarely seen devoted fans like Uncle Jesse. With all his coolness, he made us believe it was okay to be obsessed with something.
Here's wishing John Stamos a very happy birthday and we hope to see more of Uncle Jesse. What were the lessons you took home from the show? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share.