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5 Moments on GoT That Made Us Hate Jack Gleeson Forever

One of the worst villains television ever gave us was Joffrey Baratheon. Cruel and vindictive, he set a benchmark for crimes against humanity, which are very hard to level with. Until Ramsay Bolton came along, of course. But Joffrey was the worst. The character was hated so much, actor Jack Gleeson, who played him, decided to give up acting for good. In fact, after GoT, he has been involved in a number of charities. Hate the character, but you gotta love the guy.

Jack Gleeson celebrates his 25th birthday today. While we are happy for him and wish him all the best for his future, we can’t help but think back to all the bad things he did. Even if it was just on TV. Here’s why your hatred to the actor is justified:


He broke his promise and executed Ned Stark.

Game of Thrones changed the way TV shows are written. For the first time, the good people lost and the bad guy emerged victorious. And Joffrey Baratheon paved the way for that. The protagonist of the show was killed in season one, courtesy of this cruel boy. What’s worse? He promised his betrothed that he will spare her father, who was being tried for treason. Breaking the promise, he ordered his men to behead Ned Stark. Didn’t even have the nerve to do it himself!


After murdering her father, he tortured Sansa cruelly.

He had her pet murdered, killed her father, and declared her brother as a traitor; but Joffrey was not done punishing Sansa. Her only crime? Being a Stark. Not that Joffrey needed a reason to be a jerk. He goaded her, threatened to have her entire family murdered in front of her eyes, and then marry her! The girl was miserable, trapped in a castle with the man she hated more than anything else. But Joffrey just wouldn’t set her free.  


He was pathetic to everyone around him.

Sansa was not the only one subject to Joffrey’s cruelty. As King, he had the authority to do anything he wanted with impunity. He treated his people miserably, executed anyone he didn’t like, and behaved like an impudent jerk. No one in the kingdom could survive their young ruler’s wrath. That’s what happens when children are given a throne instead of a thwack.


Don’t forget how he had all of King Robert’s illegitimate children brutally killed.

The only smart thing Joffrey probably did was ensure that his rule was not challenged. But at what cost? After his alleged father, King Robert Baratheon, was dead, Joffrey had all of his illegitimate children executed. This set a clear path for Joffrey, the legitimate oldest son, to take over the throne. A ladies man, Robert had several children with many women from all over the city. These kids were all murdered in cold blood, including the infants.   


Worst crime of all – he tore apart a perfectly good book!

It’s hardly a surprise that Joffrey wasn’t a reader. But his uncle still decided to gift him a book on his wedding day, as it was based on the history of the kingdom. One all kings should read, as he said. Would Joffrey accept this gift politely? Obviously not! He tore the book into two with his newly gifted sword, and then ripped it into shreds. But he had it coming, because moments later, he was poisoned to death – a glorious moment on this nerve-racking show.


We know, we know, he just played the character, he’s not the bad guy. We are not sure how we can ever forgive Joffrey. As for Jack, happy birthday to you!