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5 Crazy Things You Won’t Believe James Franco Did

Do you remember James Franco? He played Harry Osbourne, son of Green Goblin, in the Spiderman series, starring Tobey Maguire. He was also the main character in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours. Then he did a bunch of really bad films with his BFF Seth Rogen, including Pineapple ExpressThis Is the End, and The Interview. You’re bound to have watched these with your stoner buddies.

If his filmography is all you know about him, you need a little less ESPN, and a little more E!. Apart from his movies and TV shows, James Franco is known for his quirky antics. One of his favorite pastimes includes taking nude selfies and photoshopping pictures of him on Kim Kardashian’s famous magazine covers. Apart from that, here are the top weirdest things he has ever done:  


Colored his hair rainbow

Many celebs are likely to do this – Miley CyrusKaty PerryLady Gaga, even Kylie Jenner, who changes her hair color every weekend. Another celeb to join the bandwagon is James Franco. You can judge him for it but he doesn’t care.





long hair don't carreeee

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Did whatever his fans asked him to do

As part of a Google Hangout put on by Paper magazine, Franco spent an hour on camera doing whatever his fans asked him to do. This included twerking with a cat, painting a picture of Seth Rogen with peanut butter, and full-on making out with a dirty yellow sock. Watch the whole video here:


Shared naked selfies with his brother

It’s one thing to take naked selfies and another to share them with your sibling. Dave Franco, star of Now You See Me and Neighbors, confessed in an interview that his brother shares his nude selfies with him. We know the brothers were close but this is just weird.





wakey wakey Davey!! #goodmorning

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Posted a picture of him on the pot

Talking about bizarre pictures, James Franco has also shared one of him on the john. The actor is half nude, smoking a cigarette (we assume), and holding a mug of coffee with his other hand. This picture just screams James Franco.





#jamesfranco haha

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Created invisible art

Have you ever been duped into buying a product which turned out to be a fake? You’ve got nothing on those who bought James Franco’s art. The actor started a large-scale art project, which features non-visible art. So basically, it’s not even there! The piece sold for $10,000Let that sink in!

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