Kapil Sharma Was a Treat to Watch on the KWK Couch

A couple of days ago, we shared our expectations from this week’s Koffee With Karan episode. Though not as funny as we'd have liked him to be, Kapil Sharma was at his genuine best. And we love it when the guests are their real selves on the KWK couch. From talks about Kapil gate -crashing SRK’s party to his celebrity crush on Deepika Padukone, last night’s episode definitely revealed a different side of the ace comedian that most of us hadn’t seen before. He was frank about his toota-foota English as well as his middle-class upbringing and one couldn’t help but get inspired about his story of being a total outsider for the industry to being friends with more than half of Bollywood.

Let’s have a look at some of the best moments from last night’s episode:

When Kapil was feeling honored to be on the showKapil Sharma Was a Treat to Watch on the KWK Couch- BookMyShow

The show kicked off with Kapil only taking in the glory of being invited on KWK. He went on to confirm with Karan if the show was really going to air since he felt it was all a joke. Awww!! Come on, Kapil you deserve to be there.

Comedy is in his genes

When KJo asked Kapil about where he gets his unique sense of humor from, he replied saying he has great observation skills. As a kid, he had seen his parents having those daily “nok-jhok” which he has made a part of his show’s content.

When he gate-crashed Mannat

Kapil Sharma Was a Treat to Watch on the KWK Couch- BookMyShow

Yes, that happened. When Shah Rukh threw a success bash for Dilwale at his house, Kapil happened to gate-crash the party and SRK, being the warm host that he is, welcomed him without a second thought.

His eternal love for Deepika

Kapil has declared his love for DP several times on The Kapil Sharma Show, but on the couch he just couldn’t stop raving about her beauty and his crush on her. It reached a point where even Kapil thought he should stop taking her name so many times in front of the camera.

When he said he has many “girl-friends”

Kapil Sharma Was a Treat to Watch on the KWK Couch- BookMyShow

Since none of us know anything about Kapil’s personal life, KJo asked him about it. And he replied with a very teenage answer saying he has many “girl-friends”. When coaxed further, he said he wanted to concentrate on his work for some time now, and maybe get married in a few years.

When KJo left the ever-so-talkative, Kapil, dumbstruck Kapil Sharma Was a Treat to Watch on the KWK Couch- BookMyShow

It’s very rare that Kapil does not have a wacky answer to a question. But when Karan asked him about his sex life, he just fell silent. Like literally, not a word. Now, who thought someone could leave Kapil Sharma feeling coy.

The Hindi to English lyrics translation

KJo played a round of translation of famous Hindi song lyrics to English. Since Kapil is quite open about the fact that his English isn’t that great, he gave it his best shot and it left us giggling for a while.

Did we miss out on any epic moments from last night’s KWK episode? Let us know in the comments below.