KimmieK’s absence on social media could cost her $1mil USD per month- BookMyShow

KimmieK’s No-Show On Social Media Could Cost Her $1mil USD per month

Kim Kardashian fans are aware that the ultra-stylish star was held at gunpoint just last week and was robbed at her luxurious Paris apartment. According to reports, the reality TV star was robbed of £4.5 million worth jewelery, which she was flaunting in her social media posts. Since then, Kim has been lying low and not posted a single selfie on social media. If the trade gurus are to be believed, this absence could cost the 35-year-old Kimmie a whopping $1 million USD a month. She has decided to stay away from the internet and has also pushed all her public appearances to a later date. The incident has obviously scared the entire family, but would this mean we would not be seeing as much of the Kardashians on our timeline?KimmieK’s absence on social media could cost her $1 mil USD per month- BookMyShowKimmieK is said to be making a lot of money by posting pictures on social media and ‘financial experts’ say that the $1 million that she makes in a month is just through her general posts. This is not calculating the hidden advertisements that are specifically contracted with brands.

However, if Kim plays it smartly, this could even lead to a boomerang effect where she could come back with a bang after keeping silent for a period of time. Insiders say that if she schedules her first post after her silence in such a way that it garners more followers and hits then it would be a big plus for her brand.KimmieK’s absence on social media could cost her $1 mil USD per month- BookMyShowWith reports of her wanting to concentrate on family life more and being more protective of her kids now, we wonder if we will get to see much of the Kardashian sister appearing on social media after her self-imposed selfie exile.

One thing is for sure, we will definitely miss the drama if we no longer see of her on the Internet.

– By Niti Desai