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Kylie Jenner: How Her Life Is Better Than Yours

While her life looks insanely glamorous, you have to admit that it is difficult being Kylie Jenner. Born to a rich and famous family, it is hardly her fault that she is constantly surrounded by so much glitz and glam. Whatever she does, wherever she goes, the paparazzi always follows her and her media-hungry family. She may have the best of all things, have done stuff you can barely even dream of, and yet she is only 19 years old. It’s her birthday today, and we are going to remind you why Kylie Jenner is miles ahead of regular 19-year-olds. Take a look:


She’s related to a famous supermodel and Kim Kardashian herself!

She is the sister of supermodel Kendall Jenner, who has walked the ramp for prestigious brands like Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Donna Karan, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Balmain, Victoria’s Secret, Dolce & Gabanna and more. Kylie is also the half-sister of internet mogul Kim Kardashian, who needs no introduction.


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Paparazzi follows her everywhere she goes.

A part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie is naturally surrounded by photographers everywhere she goes. She’s probably one of the most popular members of her family, second only to Kim herself, but is closely following in her half-sister’s footsteps.


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Her social media following has hit the roof.

The parts of her life that that press does not cover can be seen on her social media accounts, mainly Instagram and Snapchat. Like her sisters, Kylie loves posting selfies, and pictures of her glamorous life on her accounts, earning her a great number of followers.


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Her birthday celebrations are enviable.

Her birthday celebrations usually begin two weeks in advance. She receives tons of gifts from her family, friends, and boyfriend, including Birkin bags and luxury cars. Her parties (obviously there’s more than one) are attended by several A-listers, apart from her family, and some of them even give free performances.


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Her personal mansion in Hidden Hills costs $6 million.

After putting up her $4 million mansion for sale, Kylie moved into her new home to live closer to her mother. The mansion has six bedrooms, a master suite with a fireplace, several walk-in closets, a large terrace with a view of the hills, a huge solar-heated swimming pool with a spa, and wide lawns. Even the swankiest hotel we have been to cannot compare!


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She owns more than four high-end luxury cars.

While she earned her license to drive only three years back, Kylie already is the owner of a Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Rolls Royce. While the Ferrari was an 18th birthday gift from boyfriend Tyga, this year, he got her a Mercedes-Maybach as an early birthday present. We can’t wait to see what more she is likely to get this year.


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She travels on a private jet.

Public planes are too mainstream for the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who always travel private. Given the large amount of scrutiny, there’s no doubt that Kylie herself prefers to go private while travelling. Their glamorous family vacations are usually covered on the reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.


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Her shoe collection will make Carrie Bradshaw jealous.

Kylie Jenner has always had the best of everything. She recently gave her fans a virtual tour of her new home, including her closet, on her app (she has one of those, too). What we could see were hundreds of pairs of luxury shoes lined up neatly in her show cabinet. Even if the teenager wore different shoes every day, she would not have to repeat a pair for over a year!


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At 19, she has more jobs than your Man Friday.

At a tender age, Kylie began to appear on her family’s reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. Now, Kylie is more than an actress. While her main task is to keep up appearances at famous events, she also owns her own clothes and cosmetics' lines. She has appeared in various music videos, especially with her boyfriend Tyga.


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She gets tons of good stuff for free.

As a celebrity, Kylie naturally gets plenty of free stuff. Do not be surprised if half her closet is a gift from some famous designer. Brands would give an arm and a leg to see her sport their goods. And given how Kylie is a top celebrity in the US, she’s on every designer’s radar.


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Happy 19th, Kylie! Age is simply a number to you.