5 Things We Loved About A Series of Unfortunate Events

friend in need is a friend indeed. When all else fails, you can always count on a friend for comfort. A real friend is he who is always there for you. That friend is Netflix. Every month, it brings us something new, and all it takes in return is a little bit of our money, most our time, and all of our energy. But we cannot let go of this friend. Netflix is bae.

Last month, Netflix brought us something special. 13 years after the film release, A Series of Unfortunate Events was adapted into a TV show. The Netflix series, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, was said to be better than the books, and it certainly was! Here’s what we loved most about the series:


Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf and other characters

We are so used to watching Neil Patrick Harris play the typical cocky womanizer Barney Stinson, imagining him in any other role was bizarre. But many do not know that NPH is more than just a stereotype, he is an accomplished Broadway star. He outdid the King of Comedy, Jim Carrey, as Count Olaf and other characters. It was hard to hate our main antagonist when he was so full of sarcastic humor and hilarious tricks. NPH is definitely the highlight of this dark comedy.

Neil Patrick Harris in A Series of Unfortunate Events - BookMyShow



Besides Neil Patrick Harris, the other characters did not disappoint either. Patrick Warburton was the perfect choice for the stoic Lemony Snicket, while Malina WeissmanLouis Hynes, and Presley Smith, who played the Baudelaire orphans, were charming in their own way. We are glad the series also gave way more screen time to Mr. Poe (played by K. Todd Freeman), as compared to his infrequent appearances in the books. If you have seen Joan Cusack in Shameless, you will also agree that she was the right choice for Justice Strauss.

A Series of Unfortunate Events cast - BookMyShow


Production and Set Design

Every detail was paid special attention to. There are plenty of Easter eggs in the series, and while we do not want to ruin it for you, keep an eye out for signs in the tunnel. The location chosen for every scene set the perfect mood, for e.g. the seaside where the Baudelaire orphans find out about their parents’ demise was rough and windy. Count Olaf’s mansion was as crooked as the man himself, while Justice Strauss’s little home was a breath of fresh air. The Lumber Mill was a miserable place, a metaphor for the lives of the workers there.

Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events - BookMyShow


Title track

The theme track of the series changed with every episode or story. Four books were covered in the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Bad BeginningThe Reptile RoomThe Wide Window, and The Miserable Mill – giving us four title tracks. Take a look at the first one here:


Presley Smith

TV Sunny > movie Sunny > book Sunny. The character of the youngest and fiercest Baudelaire was played by Presley Smith. If you do not know much about the series, Sunny is an infant with unnaturally strong teeth. But that is not what gets your attention. Sunny speaks mostly gibberish but it makes perfect sense only to her siblings. While she’s hilarious in her own way, kudos to the camerapersons who were able to capture the best expressions of the toddler. After you’re done with the series, we guarantee you’d want to adopt Smith with all her cuteness.

Presley Smith - BookMyShow

Excited to watch the series? Take a look at the trailer here.